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Updated on May 06, 2023 06:52:35 PM

IEC Code registration in Delhi is required by a business for exporting or importing goods. It is a 10-digit unique code which is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). All businesses which are engaged in Import and Export of goods are required to obtain Import Export License in Delhi.

Read to know the benefits, requirements and how to get Import Export Code in Delhi.

When do you need an Import Export Code in Delhi?

There are various situations where you must have an updated IEC code. These are as follows.

  • When an importer in Delhi has to clear his shipments from the customs then an Import Export code is required by the customs authorities.
  • The IEC code is required by the banks when the money is sent abroad through banks by the importer in Delhi.
  • The Import Export license is required by the customs port when the shipment has to be sent by the exporter.
  • The IEC code is required by the banks when the money is received in foreign currency directly into the exporter’s bank account.

IEC Certificate [Sample]

iec certificate sample delhi

Benefits of IEC Registration in Delhi

IEC code allows you to operate import export business in Delhi. Apart from that, It comes with some additional benefits. Let’s take a look on how obtaining an IEC code will help your import export business in Delhi.

1. International Business Expansion

  • Import export code allows your product to reach the global market which results in huge business expansion.
  • Obtaining an IEC Opens your door in the online international marketplace like Alibaba and Amazon.

2. Legalize foreign trade.

IEC code facilitates your overseas trade and legalizes your import and export business in Delhi. It makes your trade across borders easy and legal.

3. Import/Export Subsidies in Delhi

  • An exporter in Delhi can claim a refund on taxes imposed while exporting goods.
  • If you promise to import goods within a specific time, The government even waives some import duties as well.

4. Easy Registration process

  • You can get an import/export code registered by providing some basic documents like PAN card, Address proof, Bank details etc.
  • There is no need to fulfill any compliances like annual filings or return fillings. It is a hassle free process.
  • The entire registration process is online. There is no need to go anywhere to obtain an IEC.

5. Facilitates Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs)

EFT is a new service offered to exporters that allows them to pay the license fee online via the internet rather than visiting a bank to make the payment.

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Documents Required for Import Export Code

Following documents are required for IEC registration in Delhi:

  1. Copy of PAN card of the company.
  2. Address proof of the company.
  3. Lease/Rental Agreement if the office is rented.
  4. Canceled Cheque copy of current bank account.
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IEC Code Registration and Verification Process in Delhi

The step-by-step procedure of online IEC registration in Delhi are as follows:

  1. Register your business on DGFT portal.
  2. Get all your documents ready for verification.
  3. Fill the ANF(Aayaat Niryaat Form) 2A on DGFT website.
  4. Submit the required fees and wait for the approval by DGFT.
  5. Your IEC code will be issued after the approval by DGFT. In case of online application you will get e-IEC.
  6. Once approved by competent authority, you will be notified through an email or SMS that your e-EIC is available on the DGFT website.

IEC Registration Fees in Delhi

Import Export License registration fees include the government fees and professional fees. It also includes the ANF 2A form and filling at DGFT. The fees break up are as follows

IEC Registration Fees(₹)
Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A NIL
Filing at DGFT NIL
Government Fees 500
Professional Fees 999
Total – ₹1,499 only

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IEC Validity and Renewal

The validity of an Importer Exporter Code is now 1 year as per the new amendments of Foreign trade policy. Earlier, The IEC code was valid for the lifetime but now you need to Renewal IEC details every year to avoid the deactivation of your Import export code.

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FAQs( Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get Import Export Code in Delhi?

You can get Import Export Code by following these steps

  1. Registering your company on DGFT portal
  2. Fill the ANF (2A) form and submit the required documents.
  3. Your IE code will be issued after the approval by DGFT.

How many IEC codes are there?

There is only one IEC code for both Import and Export. IEC code is issued against the PAN number. So you cannot have 2 IEC codes under the same Company name.

Can I import without IEC code?

No, You can not do any import/export without IEC code. Your goods will not be allowed to pass the ports without an IEC code. However if you are importing or exporting goods for personal use then it is not mandatory.

How do I become a registered exporter in Delhi?

To become a registered exporter, you need to get an IEC registration. Once you obtain the I importer Exporter code, you are allowed to export goods from India. The code is also valid for importing goods in India.

Can I use my PAN as IEC?

The IEC issued by DGFT is the same as the PAN of the firm. However, Import export Code will still be issued by DGFT based on the application.

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