MPEDA online registration- Fees, Process, Exporter registration, Exemptions

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MPEDA Registration is mandatory for the exporters of marine products like Fish, seafood, and frozen shrimp. As per Rule 40(1) of the Provisions of MPEDA Act & rules 1972, No person shall be allowed to export marine products without obtaining an MPEDA certificate of registration issued by MPEDA.

MPEDA stands for Marine Products Exports Development Authority. It is an Exports Promotion council that functions under the Department of commerce and regulates the development of marine sector exports in India. MPEDA is also responsible for promoting marine exports, expanding and enhancing the seafood sector, and fulfilling the seafood industry's requirements.

In this article, we will learn about mpeda registration, who can apply for Mpeda, Mpeda Registration fees, and How to apply for MPEDA Registration as an Exporter.

e-MPEDA Certificate [Sample]

mpeda certificate sample

Which Marine Products require MPEDA Registration for Export?

The following products shall be mentioned in the MPEDA registration certificate. An exporter can export more than one product mentioned below with a single registration certificate

  1. Canned marine products
  2. Freeze-dried Marine products
  3. Live marine products
  4. Ornamental Fish
  5. Chilled Marine Products
  6. Dried Marine Products
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Categories of Marine Product Exporters

categories of marine product exporters

1. Manufacturer Exporter:

The owner of an approved Processing plant or handling facility can be considered a Manufacturer exporter. If an exporter utilizes a handling facility or a processing plant, taking the facility on a lease may also be called a manufacturer exporter. An exporter must declare himself as a manufacturer exporter as "MT" in the MPEDA application.

2. Merchant Exporter:

Exporters who utilize the surplus capacity of an approved processing plant or handling facility rather than owning a processing plant are considered merchant exporters. Merchant exporters shall declare themselves "ME" in the application.

Note: No merchant Exporter may sign a contract to use surplus capacity with the owners of more than one processing plant.

3. Route Through Merchant Exporter:

Route Through Merchant Exporters are those who export the marine products of either the Manufacturer Exporter(MT) or Merchant exporter(ME). Mpeda registration will only be granted to those Route Through Merchant Exporters with a certificate of Approval from DGFT.

Firms that come under the Route Through Merchant Exporter category are:

  • Export House
  • Trading House
  • Star Trading House
  • Super Star Trading House

4. Ornamental Fish Exporter:

The exporters of ornamental fish or Aquarium fish or Aquatic plants are called Ornamental fish exporters. Ornamental fish exporters must register themselves as "OF" in the MPEDA application form.

Note: An ornamental Fish exporter can not export live marine products for human consumption

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Documents Required for MPEDA Registration

The following documents are required for MPEDA registration

  1. Address proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport)
  2. Written agreement for utilization of the surplus capacity of processing plant and handling capacity.
  3. Joint Undertaking by the processing by both the processing plant owner and handling facility owner.
  4. Registration certificate of processing plant handling facility for endorsement.
  5. Registration certificate of storage premises for endorsement.
  6. Passport Size photograph
  7. Copy the IEC Code certificate
  8. Approval letter issued by DGFT (Route-through Merchant exporter)
  9. Copy of PO (Purchase Order)
  10. Certificate from Scheduled Bank showing financial soundness.
documents required for mpeda registration

MPEDA Registration Fees

The Government Fee for MPEDA Registration is ₹5000 for Exporters, and the Professional Fee for online MPEDA Registration is ₹3000 per Certificate. The Registration process takes 7 to 10 working days.

e-MPEDA Registration Fees
Government Fees ₹5000
Professional Fees ₹3000
Total Cost ₹8000

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How to Apply for MPEDA Registration Online?

Exporters of marine and fishery products can apply for MPEDA registration in the following steps:

Step 1 - Application for Exporters License

The first step to registering as an exporter of marine products is to apply for an MPEDA license on the online portal. An application must be submitted to the secretary or another authority designated by the secretary. The application form can be obtained by paying a fee of Rs 200 online or in cash.

Step 2: Sign the Application

The applicant entity must sign the application and provide the declarations in the application form. The signature of the registering authority( proprietor, Partner, or Director) is acceptable for MPEDA registration.

Step 3: Application Processing

Submit the application with the supporting documents for the processing stage. Make sure that the details provided in the form are correct and true.

Step 4: Issuance of the MPEDA certificate

The MPEDA certificate of registration will be granted by the authority, and after that, the applicant can act as a registered exporter of marine products.

Step 5: EIA Approval

After the issuance of the MPEDA registration certificate, Approval from EIA is required. EIA approval can be done by submitting the required fees for registration along with a copy of the MPEDA certificate.

how to apply for mpeda registration
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Declarations to be made in the application

  • Whether the applicant entity is a sole proprietorship, partnership firm, LLP, or a private Limited company.
  • Total Capital Employed
  • Details of any foreign holding, if applicable
  • Copy of the last 2 year's balance sheet
  • Total Turnover expected in the next 3 years
  • Clearly indicate any connection with any other seafood processing unit.
  • Whether the applicant is a Merchant Exporter or manufacturer exporter, or Route-through Merchant exporter or an Ornamental fish exporter
  • Registration number of the processing plant( in case of manufacturer exporter)
  • SSI Registration Number
  • EIA code of the plant
  • Brand name (if any) of the product being exported
  • Whether the applicant has already registered for MPEDA before or not?
  • SSI registration number
  • Items processed
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MPEDA Registration Validity and Renewal

The MPEDA certificate of registration is valid for 3 years, and the exporters must renew the Certificate before its expiry to continue the export.

For renewal of the application, a formal application needs to be filed with an endorsement fee of RS 1000. The renewal can be done by approaching MPEDA.

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Functions of MPEDA

MPEDA serves the following functions in promoting the foreign trade of marine Products:

Taking part in international Expos

MPEDA exhibits a wide range of India's products, particularly value-added products, at major international seafood fairs throughout the world to promote exports and create demand.

Promotes Indian seafood export

Additionally, MPEDA promotes Indian seafood exporters' participation as co-exhibitors at particular international shows. In addition to these, different types of material advertising Indian seafood are also given out to prospective customers and visitors. Through the MPEDA Newsletter, a monthly newspaper produced by MPEDA, the exporters are informed of the trade inquiries obtained from such fairs.

Advertisements in foreign periodicals

Several MPEDA adverts are published in well-known and reputable fisheries periodicals and trade journals abroad.

Buyer and seller meet

To improve trade relations, MPEDA arranges for trade delegations to travel to India and the top seafood-buying nations.

Worldwide Delegation

To improve trade relations, MPEDA sends delegations to major seafood-buying nations and welcomes trade delegations to visit India.

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Exemptions of MPEDA Registration

The Export of Marine products without registering as an exporter under MPEDA is allowed under the following conditions:

  1. The central government, Government Authority, or any person authorized by the central government is exempted from obtaining an MPEDA registration while exporting marine products.
  2. When the export is done as a gift parcel or by sending a few samples of the marine products.
  3. If the marine product export is done for personal use and not for any commercial purpose.
  4. As a personal effect of passengers.
  5. When marine products are exported for any exhibition or fairs abroad.

The above list of exporters is exempted from registering with MPEDA. To strengthen the exemption policy and to avoid any unethical export of fisheries, the authority has set a maximum limit of marine products in terms of value that can be exported under the exemption policy.

MPEDA Exemption category Maximum Limit(In terms of value)
Non- Commercial Export ₹25,000
Export for Exhibition/Fair Abroad ₹1,00,000
Personal effects of passengers ₹5,000
Gift Parcels/ Exporting Samples ₹10,000
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MPEDA Registration with Professional Utilities

As an Exporter, It is really challenging to keep up with all the certifications and legal documents required for running the business. Any shortcomings may result in the stoppage of goods at the customs port. It is advised to seek an Import and Export Certification Expert like Professional Utilities.

Our Team of professionals is well-versed in the legal formalities involved in MPEDA registration. The Team will help you to arrange the required documents and also keep you updated throughout the process. follow these 3 simple steps to get your Exporters license

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Step 1:
Get in touch via call or contact form

Step 2:
Provide necessary documents

Step 3:
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Entities are registered by MPEDA?

MPEDA registers the following type of entities

  1. Processing plants
  2. Fishing Vessels
  3. Exporters of Marine products
  4. Cold Storages
  5. Live Fish Handling Facility
  6. Storage Premises
  7. Processing Plants
  8. Dried Fish Handling Facility
How much does it cost to get MPEDA registration?

It costs a total of ₹8000 to become a registered exporter of marine products. The government fee for MPEDA registration is ₹5000, and the professional fee for MPEDA registration is ₹3000 per Certificate.

What is meant by Joint Undertaking?

The exporter utilizing the surplus capacity must undertake a joint undertaking with the owner of the processing plant or handling facility on stamp paper worth 200/-, stating that they would be totally liable for the maritime products processed, packed, and kept on their premises.

What is the validity of an MPEDA Exporter's registration?

The Certificate of registration as an exporter granted by MPEDA to exporters of maritime products (both manufacturer and merchant exporters) has a three-year validity period.


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