FSSAI State License - Procedure, Documents Required, Fees

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FSSAI State License is required by Food Business Operators (FBOs) who are dealing in manufacturing, storage, transportation, retailing, marketing, distribution, etc. of food & beverages. Businesses having annual turnover between 12 lakhs to 20 crores and having their business operations within the territory of the state are required to obtain the State Food License and in case if a business wants to operate in multiple states, then Central Food License is required. It is important to note that manufacturers & marketers are required to get FSSAI State License irrespective of minimum turnover limit. The maximum tenure of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

FSSAI State License [Sample]

FSSAI Centeral license sample
FSSAI Central License Sample ecommerce
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What is FSSAI State License

Food License is mandatory for anyone who intends to do food business. This not only involves preparing food but everyone who handles food at various stages before it ultimately reaches the customer like raw materials, manufacturing, processing, packaging and the distribution as well as the agencies who have the authority to sell them. It ensures that food business runs with appropriate license and a quality check. Businesses are required to follow the FSSAI rules and guidelines. FSSAI is responsible for the standards and principles and controls for the welfare of the business.

FSSAI - An Overview

The full form of FSSAI is Food Safety Standards Authority of India. The FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act). It is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India that governs food business in India. If a person wants to start a business related to food, be it food processing or manufacturing, packaging or distribution, it has to register under FSSAI. It is mandatory to obtain a 14-digit food license registration number which has to be printed on food packages or displayed in premises. This license number gives data about the producer's permit or enrollment subtle elements and the assembling state.

It is important to note that FSSAI basic registration is different from FSSAI license. The criteria for getting the license/registration depends upon the various criterias depending upon the size and nature of the business; FBOs should obtain the necessary registration or license.


If the annual turnover of the food business is more than Rs. 12 lakhs and less than Rs. 20 crores then one has to get state FSSAI License.

Manufacturing units having capacity up to 2 MT per day, Dairy units handling business upto 50000 liters per day, 3 star hotels and above, repackers and relabeling units, clubs canteens, all the catering business irrespective of their turnover needs to apply for State license. The maximum tenure of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

Form B is required to be filed for the state license when the turnover is less than 20 crores and area of operation is limited only upto the state.

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Procedure for obtaining FSSAI State License

Procedure for obtaining FSSAI State License

Depending upon the various factors, FSSAI State License procedure can be divided into three steps:

  • Step 1: Consultation and Documentation
    • Simply fill out our form.
    • Our experts will get in touch with you.
    • Provide the necessary documents asked by our experts for further processing.
  • Step 2: Application Filing & Approval
    • Once our experts will finish filing the application form, they will resolve all the queries asked by the authorities.
    • We will facilitate the follow-up required by the food department and get your license approved by the government.
  • Step 3: Food License Delivery
    • Issuance and approval of the Food License.
    • After the approval, a digital and paper copy will reach to you on the given address.
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Documents Required For FSSAI State License

  • Form B duly completed and signed.
  • Partnership deed of partnership firm/ affidavit of proprietorship firm
  • Plan of the processing unit revealing every dimension and operation-wise area allocation
  • List of Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor along with the address, contact details, and photo ID
  • Name and list of equipment and machinery to be used with the number and installed capacity
  • List of food category to be manufactured
  • Authority letter from a manufacturer
  • LLP agreement (in case of LLP firm)
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • NOC and copy of License from the manufacturer
  • Copy of certificate obtained under the Coop Act 1861 or Multistate Coop Act 2002
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate
  • Form IX
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  • Company registration certificate & MoA (in case of Pvt. Ltd. or OPC)
  • NOC from the municipality or local body
  • Supporting document for proof of turnover and transportation
  • Declaration form
  • Report of Analysis for water to be used in the process

If you are applying for Manufacturing/Repacker category, please arrange other documents mentioned below:

  • a. Manufacturing unit photo
  • b. Plant Layouts.
  • c. Machinery details use for production in your company letterhead
  • d. Product details in company Letter head.
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FSSAI State License Government Fee

New License
Manufacturer/Miller Fees (Rs./Year)
Above 1MT per day production Rs. 5000
10,001 to 50,000 LPD of milk or 501 to 2500 of milk solids per annum
Below 1MT of production Rs. 3,000
501 to 10,000 LPD of milk or 2.5 MT to 500MT of milk solids per annum
Hotels upto 4 star Rs. 5,000
All food services providers including restaurants / boarding house, clubs , etc. serving food canteens (schools, colleges, office, institutions ) caterers, banquet halls with food catering arrangements , food vendors like dabbawallas etc & other food business operators Rs. 2,000

Note: The aforementioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

Renewal of License

Once you have completed your validity time, there will be a requirement for renewal of FSSAI License as the registration gets expired

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Eligibility for State FSSAI License

Following are the eligible entities having above stated turnover for applying for state license:

  • Dairy unit processing between 500 to 50000 litres of milk daily or less than 2500 MT of milk sold annually
  • Units engaged in the activity to process or produce vegetable oil of capacity upto 2 MT daily
  • Slaughtering units that have a capacity in case of large animals of more than 2 and up to 50; for small animals capacity more than 10 and up to 150 and for poultry birds capacity more than 50 and up to 1000 per day.
  • Food business engaged in the activity of meat processing, capacity upto 500 Kg daily or 150 MT annually
  • The food processing unit engaged in wholesale having a turnover upto INR 30 Crores
  • Food business dealing in retail or distribution having a turnover upto INR 20 Crores
  • Restaurants that have a turnover of upto Rs. 20 Crores
  • Hotels that have a turnover of upto Rs. 20 Crores
  • Units engaged in processing plants including re-labellers, re-packers and producing units upto 2 MT per day.
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Who Needs FSSAI State License?


Get your FSSAI State License

Importance of FSSAI State License

FSSAI License is very important for food business due to the following reasons:

  1. The penalties are higher than the cost of obtaining Food License. It acts as a preventive measure from legal proceedings and penalties.
  2. Assurance of the fact that manufacturing of your food is done in the correct way because the license is obtained after the verification of food quality.
  3. As per Food Safety Standards Act, it is mandatory for all the FBOs to obtain Food License if they are involved in food business.
  4. In case a business is looking for government tenders and corporate business, FSSAI License can act as an important factor.
  5. FSSAI license acts as an evidence of the fact that your food is harmless and it is safe for consumption for your customers.
  6. The license holder can use FSSAI logo on the menu card and other promotional business advertisements to get an extra edge over other unregistered FBOs.
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Benefits of FSSAI State License


Food Business Operators (FBOs) enjoy several advantages of obtaining food license:

  • Creating awareness and brand recognition amongst consumers and the public at large.
  • The license holder can use the FSSAI Logo in the menu card and other promotional advertisements which helps in the process of customer building.
  • Food operators having FSSAI License enjoys a competing advantage over their competitors operating in the same market.
  • It ensures the health and hygiene of food safety which makes your business trustworthy. It will help in gaining customers, investors, partners, etc.
  • It provides legal benefits to the food business owners. Penalties are higher than the cost of obtaining the license and hence it prevents legal repurcussions.
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Just like every other industry, this industry also required to comply with concerned authorities and follow the laws and guidelines provided by the FSSAI. In case any business fails to comply with the provided rules and regulations, strict penalties would be imposed on violators as this is the matter of concern with the health and safety of people. Let’s discuss in brief what other penalties are levied on the violation.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

Sl.No Particulars Fine
1 Food quality does not match with the compliance given in the act
  • Upto 2 Lakhs
  • Petty manufacturer – 25,000/-
2 Sub-standard food
  • Upto 5 Lakhs
3 Misbranded Food
  • Upto 3 Lakhs
4 Deceptive advertisement or false description
  • Upto 10 Lakhs
5 Extraneous matter in food
  • Upto 1 Lakh
6 Failure to comply with Food safety officer direction
  • Upto 2 Lakhs
7 Unhygienic processing or manufacture
  • Upto 1 Lakhs
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have manufacturing units in multiple states. Will I be required to get a common license for the company or an individual license for each unit?

You will need a Central License for the registered office and a state license for each manufacturing unit in specific states.

I import food items for sale in India. Do I need a license from FSSAI?

Yes. It is necessary for you to obtain a central license from the address mentioned in Import Export Code. For import export FSSAI central license is compulsory.

What are the documents required for FSSAI State License?

  • Form duly completed and signed
  • Blueprint or Map Layout of the location where the business is situated
  • Name and contact details of directors
  • List of all the equipment & machinery installed and operating in the unit.
  • List of food category to be manufactured
  • Id proof & address proof of proprietor issued by government
  • Passport size photograph
  • Complete details of the food to be manufactured
  • Letter of authorization including the name & address of the responsible person
  • Address proof of premise such as electricity bill or registry in case of owned premise
  • In case the premise is rented or hired, rent agreement and NOC from the landlord
  • License copy & No objection certificate from the manufacturer
  • Certificate of plan relating to the food safety management system

Is it mandatory for 100% export units to get FSSAI license?

Yes, it is necessary for both import and export units of food items to obtain FSSAI license.

I manufacture only food additives. Do I need a license from FSSAI too?

Yes, FSSAI license is needed for every type of food activity such as manufacturing, trading, distribution and transportation. Thus, you may need a FSSAI license for the activity you are involved in.

Will license be required for a catering establishment that comes under the central government?

All catering units need FSSAI license, even those who are working under central government such as Railways, Airport, Seaport and Defence require FSSAI license.

How to renew FSSAI license after expiry?

FBO needs to apply for renew of the license within 30 days from the expiry of license, license cannot be renewed if it not applied within 30days.

What license is required to carry out different kinds of food activities at the same premise?

In a single FSSAI license you can apply for all kinds of food activities you are involved in at the same premise.

Do pharmacies and medical stores need to apply for FSSAI license if they are selling health supplements or nutraceutical products?

It is necessary for pharmacies or medical stores who are selling Health supplements to obtain FSSAI license.

Does the export of food products also require No Objection Certificate (NOC) from FSSAI?


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