FSSAI Registration In Noida - Process, Documents, Fees
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FSSAI Registration In NOIDA - Procedure, Documents Required, Fees

Updated on July 01, 2023 04:56:55 PM

Noida is India's best-planned city and hub for startups, tourists and food lovers. Many food startups have come up in Noida in the last few decades, along with the existing street food industry. To maintain high standards and food quality, FSSAI has directed all FBOs operating in the region to have a mandatory FSSAI registration in Noida to do further business.

FSSAI Food License [Sample]

FSSAI Basic Registration Sample
FSSAI State License Sample
FSSAI Central License Sample

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI is an autonomous body of the government of India, which was established in 2006. The institution is founded to regulate, research, and set guidelines for food safety in India and to maintain high food safety standards for consumers.

FSSAI registration is a unique 14-digit numeric number provided by the FSSAI authorities to concerned food business operators. It contains all the details about the food manufacturer.


Eligibility for FSSAI registration in Noida

All the hawkers, petty sellers, manufacturers, dairy units, hotels, caterings, online food kitchens and food transporters are eligible to acquire an FSSAI registration in Noida.

  • Temporary or fixed stall food seller
  • Individual manufacturers like home bakers
  • Food distributors
  • Oil Processing units

The registration is classified into 3 categories by FSSAI

All the FBOs with a turnover of not more than 12 LPA fall under FSSAI Basic registration criteria except for the food manufacturers and proprietary FBOs.

Such as;

  • Hawkers
  • All street food vendors like golgappa stalls
  • Home bakeries
  • Small Meat shops
  • Food vending machine operators
  • Dairy units with limited capacities

Food businesses with a turnover of greater than 12 lakh rupees per annum up to 20 crores per annum are obliged to have an FSSAI state licence to function in Noida.

Such as;

  • Food Manufacturers
  • import-export operators
  • Restaurants, hotels
  • Big slaughterhouses
  • Vegetable oil processing units under below 1 MT /day
  • Food Storage facilities

All the FBOs are eligible for an FSSAI central licence if their annual turnover exceeds more than 20 crores per annum or operating in central government agencies such as railways, airports, and seaports.

Such as;

  • Proprietary food manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Oil processing units
  • FBOs operating on-premises such as Airport, Seaports, Indian Railways

Benefits of FSSAI registration in Noida

FSSAI administrates its affairs through various legal guidelines and regulations, and food businesses need to be compliant with them to operate securely.

The FSSAI registration in Noida allows your business to gain several benefits over unregistered FBOs

  • Gives your business an identity through which consumers can recognize your food products easily
  • Helps to establish a strong brand image in the market and helps increase brand value
  • FSSAI registration is needed for the import-export of food products
  • FSSAI registration in Noida is important to sell food products on eCommerce portals
Benefits of FSSAI registration in Noida

FSSAI registration process in Noida

Any FBO can apply for registration on the FSSAI-FosCOS web portal in simple steps for Food license.

FSSAI registration process in Noida

Step-1 Applying for FSSAI registration

  • Go on the Foscos web portal, open the tab apply for new registration/license
  • Select the location of the premise
  • Select your KOB as per eligibility
  • Fill out form A or Form B as per the nature of business with all the asked details.
  • Upload all supporting documents before the submission Submit the fee

Step-2 Inspection by FSSAI authorities

Authorities will take cognizance within 7 days of filling the application. Depending on the status of your application, authorities might order an inspection of the premise (if the application is rejected) for further process.

Step-3 Clearance for approval

After the satisfactory inspection of the premise and document verification, clearance will be granted by the food safety officer to issue FSSAI registration certificate to concerned authorities. You can use our FSSAI application status checking tool to track the status of your application.

Step-4 Issuance of FSSAI registration

Once the approval is granted, FSSAI will issue a registration/licence certification with a unique 14-digit number which can be displayed during business hours and must be printed on all the products.


Documents required for FSSAI registration in Noida

The following Documents are required to get an FSSAI registration/license in Noida as per FSSAI guidelines:

  1. Declaration form
  2. Address proof, such as Aadhar card, Pan card
  3. Form IX nomination of a person by a company along with the board
  4. Government-issued identity cards like Driving licenses or Aadhar
  5. Detail of KOB
  6. NOC from the municipality or panchayat
  7. Source of raw material
  1. Form B must be filled
  2. Layout details in square metres and metres along with layout
  3. Recall plan for manufacturing
  4. Form IX nomination
  5. List of directors with full details in case of a company
  6. Partnership deed/ self-declaration for Proprietorship
  7. Coop Act-1861/ Multi-State Coop Act-2002 in case of Cooperative certificate (wherever applicable)
  8. NOC from CGWA is necessary if groundwater is used
  9. Name and list of equipment and machinery along with numbers
  10. Authorised identity proof like Aadhar
  1. Declaration through form B
  2. NOC from municipality
  3. Proof of ownership of the premise or NOC from the owner
  4. Authorised Photo identity card
  5. Import-export code issued by DGFT
  6. In the case of running multiple chains central license is important for the head office of the company
  7. Ministry of commerce certificate for 100% EOU
  8. In the case of hotels certification from the ministry of tourism is important
  9. NOC issued by FSSAI
  10. Food safety management plan
  11. Must have certificate obtained under COOP-act 1861 and multi-state act 2002
  12. The Source of raw materials
  13. The testing report of water if it is being used as an ingredient

FSSAI registration fee in Noida

As per the FSS guidelines the registration & license fee for FSSAI is classified into 3 classes.

  • For basic registration fee would be 100₹ per annuam
  • For State license it would range from 2000-5000₹ each year
  • For central Fssai food license is 7500₹ + 18% GST annually

Also, in addition burden of 18% goods and services tax on fssai fees and penalty has to be carry by the applicant.

Note : Our professional charges are not included into the above mentioned pricing.

Type of Licensing FSSAI license Cost
✅Basic registration Rs. 100 per year
✅State licence Rs. 2,000 - 5,000 per year
✅Central licence Rs. 7,500 + 18% GST per year
✅Renewal Fee Same as licensing fee

Note : As per the new norm of FSSAI. The applicants are required to pay only Initial fee of ₹1000 + 18% GST on it for their FSSAI licenses. However once the application is processed and passed by the licensing authorities then the rest of the differential amount i,e respective license fee along with differential GST has to be paid by the applicant within 30 working days. If the applicant failed to pay the amount then approval will be auto rejected.


FSSAI Registration: Consultants in Noida

Professional Utilities provides an end-to-end service for online food licensing and FSSAI registration. With us you get:

  • FSSAI registration within smallest time frame
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  • Support throughout the registration procedure
  • Solution to all your questions and concerns

Validity and renewal of FSSAI registration in Noida

FSSAI License Renewal
  1. Food businesses can file for FSSAI license renewal a maximum of 180-30 days before the due date
  2. The minimum validity of the FSSAI license in Noida is 1 year and a maximum of 5 years.
  3. If FBOs appear for licence renewal after the 30th day from the last date of renewal then a late fee of Rs. 100 per day shall be charged along with the standard registration or license fee per FSS guidelines.
  4. In the case of FBOs filling for renewal from the 1st to 90th-day after the day of expiry, then they shall be charged 3 times the original annual fee respectively and 5 times if they appear after the 90th day from the day of expiry.
  5. No renewal shall be done after 180 days from the original expiry days.

NOTE: in order to avoid late renewal, you can use our FSSAI license checker tool to know the exact validity of your FSSAI registration and license respectively.

Validity and renewal of FSSAI registration in Noida

Penalties for FSSAI non-compliances in Noida

Penalties for FSSAI non-compliances in Noida
  • For false advertisements of food products, penalties can go up to 10 lakh rupees.
  • Petty sellers will be fined up to Rs. 2,5000 for substandard food and repeated offenders will be fined up to Rs. 5,0000
  • Improper or no display of registration numbers on food products is a criminal offence and can lead to jail or cancellation of FSSAI registration in Noida.
  • For not following directions of the food safety officer, penalties can go up to 2 lakh rupees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Does an FBO require an FSSAI registration in Noida, for selling the imported food?

yes, all kinds of food businesses require FSSAI registration in Noida to sell their products, to sell imported food items central FSSAI license is mandatory as per FSS ACT.

 Is an FSSAI registration in Noida, Uttar Pradesh compulsory for the manufacturing of food additives alone?

FSSAI Central license is compulsory to manufacture, transport, distribute or trade food additives.

 How much time does it take to get FSSAI registration in Noida?

It takes 30-60 working days to get an FSSAI central/state licesne and up to 25-30 days for basic FSSAI registration in Noida.

 How can I get an FSSAI license in Noida?

To get a license you can apply on the FosCos web portal or you can reach us for easy and hassle-free registration from FSSAI.

 How do I check my FSSAI registration status?

You can easily check your application status with the reference number allocated to you by using our FSSAI Application Status Checker tool.

 What are the consequences of running FBOs without FSSAI registration in Noida?

Running food businesses without an FSSAI licence is a criminal offence and can lead up to heavy fire or jail.

 What are the penalties for not renewing the FSSAI license on time?

FBOs are not allowed to run their business after the expiry of their licence, and if fail to renew on time, a late renewal fee of Rs. 100 per day shall be charged as per guidelines of FSS regulation 2011.

 What is the Minimum requirement for basic FSSAI registration in Noida?

All FBOs with a turnover of less than 12 lakh rupees per annum are eligible for basic FSSAI registration. Such as petty food manufacturers, and street vendors