Brand Registration on GeM - Cost, Documents, Procedure

Updated on September 26, 2022 12:12:22 PM

Brand registration or listing on the GeM portal is an important step for sellers to participate in government procurement. Vendors can list their brands as registered trademarks, unregistered, or unbranded products.

Before registering their brands on GeM, sellers must undergo an obligatory Gem vendor assessment process to get OEM status.

GeM Vendor Assessment Sample Report

  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Assembling Unit

What is a Brand?

A brand is a name, symbol, or indicator that describes and separates a specific product from its competitors. A brand can be trademarked to safeguard its services and products from theft and malpractices.

Brand listing on Gem

Brands list themselves on the "Government e-Marketplace." once the assessment process by quality control of India (QCI) is completed.

Listing is important for brands to distinguish themselves from other vendors on the GeM portal. It is also required to secure government procurement through the portal.

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Benefits of brand listing for sellers on the GeM portal

  • Access to Pan India market
  • Multiple invoices for orders
  • Security against delayed payment
  • Dynamic pricing based on market
  • Participate in the reverse auction or bidding
  • Easy access to Government entities and departments
  • Benefit for sellers from North-eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir
Benefits for Startups on GeM
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Documents required for Brand listing on GeM

  1. Email ID of the applicant
  2. PAN number of business entity
  3. GSTIN along with billing address
  4. Bank account details of the entity
  5. Registration certificate of the business
  6. Aadhar and PAN detail of the applicant
  7. Income tax return (ITR) filing for the last 3 years
  8. CIN number is required (in the case of the company)
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Cost of GeM Portal registration

GeM portal registration is free, but the registered MSMEs must deposit caution money and pay for vendor assessment.

Caution money deposit Fees
Turnover less than ₹1cr INR 5,000/-
Turnover between ₹1cr to ₹10 cr INR 10,000/-
Turnover more than ₹10cr INR 25,000/-
GeM vendor assessment INR 11,200/- +18% GST

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Brand listing procedure on GeM portal

Create a seller account on the GeM portal

The seller's first step is creating an account on the GeM portal. The Registration on GeM should be done by only the authorized person of the entity.

The seller can sign up on GeM using the Aadhar of a qualified person or director of a company.

Update organizations Profile

Applicants must provide complete business details and all documentation such as PAN details, address proof, and other required details.

Vendor Assessment by QCI

After the security deposit, applicants must apply for vendor assessment on GeM to get an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) certificate.

The vendor assessment process is obligatory for all the sellers and deemed OEMs to participate in public procurement. Vendor assessment is carried out by the quality council of India (QCI).

Listing of Brand on the portal

Once the OEM certificate is issued, applicants can list their brands in their respective categories and services.

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GeM initiative provides a fair market opportunity to micro, small and medium manufacturing and service industries. MSMEs can take immense advantage by registering themselves on the GeM portal and be eligible to get government tenders, bidding, and purchase orders. The bidding process on GeM is transparent and unbiased, providing small industries with an equal opportunity to function.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Full form of GeM?

GeM is an abbreviation for Government eMarketplace. The GeM was started under the ministry of commerce to incorporate small businesses in government procurements and tenders.

What is L1 purchased in GeM?

L1 purchase enables direct procurement of Rs. 25,000 to 5,00,000 after a competitive comparison of prices from at least 3 vendors on the Gem portal.

Who can register on the GeM portal?

Per the guidelines, anyone can register on the GeM portal.

How much are GeM registration Fees?

GeM portal registration is free of cost. However, sellers are required to deposit caution fees as per their turnovers. Additionally, the Seller on Gem needs to burden the cost for GeM vendor assessment.

Caution money deposit Fees
Turnover less than ₹1cr ₹5,000/-
Turnover between ₹1 crore - 10 crore ₹10,000/-
Turn over more than ₹10 crore ₹25,000/-
Fee for Vendor Assessment ₹11,200 +18% GST
How do I list products in GeM?

To list your products on the GeM portal, the seller must register themselves on GeM as OEM vendors. Once the OEM status is given, sellers can list their brands and products on GeM for public procurement.

What is OEM in GeM?

OEM is an abbreviation for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." OEM status is given to GeM sellers only after vendor assessment by the quality council of India.

What is the Q1 category in GeM?

oducts like Automobiles, KVIC, and ACASH are considered under the Q1 class products, and only white authorized GeM vendors can participate in this category.

Products on GeM are classed under four quadrants "Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4"; these classifications are made to ensure the quality and liability of sellers.

Is GST required for GeM registration?

Yes, GSTIN is obligatory for GeM portal registration for the applicants.

What is H1 in GeM?

H1 stands for the highest price during reverse auctioning when there are more than 3 technically qualified vendors among the select vendors from bidding rounds.

GeM registration in other States

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