GeM registration in Gujarat - Cost, Procedure, Document Required

Updated on September 26, 2022 12:08:55 PM

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM portal) is an online platform for MSMEs, sellers and service providers to list their products & services online.

Then, different government agencies buy their goods and services on the list based on their needs. GeM wants to create a streamlined system for goods and services to be bought faster, more efficiently, and transparently through public procurement.

GeM registration is important because it helps micro, small and medium (MSME's) manufacturing industries grow and allows them to participate in the public procurement process.

GeM Vendor Assessment Sample Report

  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Assembling Unit

What is GeM portal Registration?

GeM portal is a government-approved online listing platform for public procurement where manufacturers and service providers enlist their products and services. To enroll their products, MSMEs need GeM portal registration as a seller to get OEM status.

Seller registration on GeM

Those sellers who wish to sell their products or services to government entities must register themselves on the GeM portal as a seller. There are two categories of sellers on the portal – one is authorized sellers and the other OEMs.

OEMs have gained immense popularity since the introduction of the GeM portal. OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturers who make systems or components for other entities serving the same area of interest.

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Benefits of Gem Registration in Gujarat

These are the following benefits of registering your business with GeM:

  • Ease up business
  • Pan India market access
  • Access to standardize market
  • Multiple Invoice for a single order
  • Security against delayed payment
  • Ensures minimal market budget
  • Direct purchase of goods by the Government
  • Special provisions and sections for MSMEs
  • Dynamic pricing based on market condition
Benefits for Startups on GeM
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Documents for Gem registration in Gujarat

The following document is required to register your business online on the GeM portal.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Udyog Adhaar or MSME certificate
  3. GST registration certificate
  4. Copy of canceled cheque
  5. Aadhaar Card of applicant
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GeM portal registration process in Gujarat

process of gem registration

Step 1: Create a seller account on the GeM portal

The seller's first step is creating an account on the GeM portal. The Registration on GeM should be done by only the authorized person of the entity. The seller can sign up on GeM using the Aadhar of a qualified person or director of a company.

Step 2: Update organisation Profile

Applicants must provide complete business details and all documentation such as PAN details, address proof, and other required details.

Step 3: Vendor Assessment

After the security deposit, applicants must apply for vendor assessment on GeM to get OEM (original equipment manufacturer) certificate. The vendor assessment process is obligatory for all the sellers and deemed OEMs to participate in public procurement. Vendor assessment is carried out by the quality council of India (QCI).

Step 4: Brand Listing

Once the OEM certificate is issued, applicants can list their brands in their respective categories and services.

Step 5: Product Listing

Once the brands are listed, vendors must list their products and service as per their classified categories once the branding of products and services are approved. The products and services will go live on Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal.

Step 6: Bidding and appointment of Reseller

Once all listing is completed, brands can participate in the Bidding and accept orders on GeM. After getting approval from authorities, they can also appoint resellers for their product and services.

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GeM portal registration Fee In Gujarat

Turnover of seller Gem Registration Fees
Less than ₹1 Crore ₹5,000/-
Between ₹1 crore - 10 crore ₹10,000/-
More than ₹10 crore ₹25,000/-
Fee for Vendor Assessment ₹11,200 + GST

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GeM registration in 3 simple steps with Professional Utilities

The expert team at Professional Utilities can help you get GeM portal registration for your MSME in quick, simple steps.

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Step 1:
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Step 3:
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General Financial Rules (GFR-149) to purchase from sellers on GeM portal

Most items and services are purchased through the GeM site by government PSUs and other businesses. To get these commodities, central and state agencies must follow tight criteria and a transparent bidding process.

  1. Agencies are authorised to direct online purchases of items worth less than ₹25,000 from GeM vendors under General Financial Rules (GFR) 149.
  2. L1 purchase orders of ₹25,000 to ₹5,00,000 should be placed with at least three separate manufacturers, with the lowest possible price for each purchase.
  3. For orders worth more than ₹5,00,000, you must complete all purchases through bidding.

Sell your products and services to government buyers by becoming an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on GeM

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Make in India certificate for OEMs

The Government has released circular No. P-45021/2/2017-PP (BE-II) stating the preferences to Make in India or MII certified OEMs for public procurement on GeM.

During the L1 Bidding of the tenders, those with the Make in India certificate are given priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the GeM portal Registration requirement?

All MSMEs are eligible to apply for GeM portal registration to get OEM status and participate in public procurement.

What is the GeM portal Registration?

GeM is an E-marketplace portal for sellers and buyers to enlist their products and services, which can be procured through public procurement by central and state governments.

Who can buy from the GeM portal?

The central and state Government does the majority of procurement through GeM; however, private buyers also can enlist themselves to buy goods via GeM guidelines.

What could be the reason for variation in prices between GeM and other Marketplaces?

The variation in retail price and GeM Price of a product could be due to under mentioned factors:

  1. The prices offered on GeM are inclusive of all taxes.
  2. Products on GeM may have different warranty periods.
  3. Onsite warranty is offered for some products on GeM.
  4. Prices could also vary due to Payment Terms of the transaction.
How can I request for a change in specification of an existing category?

Buyers can request for change in the existing category from Request Management available in their Dashboard. All such requests would be evaluated by GeM.

What is meaning of RA in GeM ?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacture, all the sellers and manufacturers who register themselves with GeM are required to get OEM status to participate in the bidding process to sell their products and services.

How to get Gem Registration in Gujarat?

you can get your GeM registration done in quick, simple steps with professional Utilities.

  1. Contact us
  2. Provide necessary documents and details
  3. Get your OEM status within 10-25 working days.
What are the GeM portal Registration Fees in Gujarat?

GeM registration fee in Gujarat varies based on the turnover of registered sellers. Additionally, the cost of vendor assessment is also required to pay by the seller to get registered on the GeM portal.

Turnover of seller Gem registration Fees
Turnover less than ₹1 Crore ₹5,000/-
Turnover between ₹1 crore - 10 crore ₹10,000/-
Turn over more than ₹10 crore ₹25,000/-
Fee for Vendor Assessment ₹11,200 + GST
What is OEM in GeM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers are termed as OEM in GeM portal. These OEMs are basically divided into four categories under GeM:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Brand Owner & Third Party Manufacturer
  3. Imported Products & Authorized Sellers in India
  4. Service Provider
Can a trader register on GeM portal to supply any thing after purchasing a material from the manufacturer or only manufacturer is authorized to register to sell those items?

Both resellers as well as manufacturers are authorized to register on the GeM portal. Manufacturers have the authority to manage their resellers. In order to register as a reseller or trader, an authorization code as well as a letter is required from manufacturers to sell the product on the GeM portal.

GeM registration in other States

GeM consultancy service in different states