Tea Board (RCMC) Online Registration
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Tea Board (RCMC) Online Registration

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Tea Board (RCMC) Online Registration - Process, Documents Required, Fees

Updated on November 27, 2021 12:44:28 PM

Tea Board Registration is mandatory to get an RCMC certificate for exporters of bulk tea, packet tea, tea bags, and instant tea. The Tea Board India is responsible for licensing the legitimate Tea traders of India by assigning certification numbers.

Tea Board India issues many types of licenses and registrations for Tea traders in India. Know about the process, requirements, and fees of Tea Board online registration.

What is Tea Board India?

Tea is one of the industries, which comes under the control of the Union Govt by an Act of Parliament. The Tea Board India is a state agency of the Government of India established to promote the cultivation, processing, domestic trade and export of tea from India. It was established by the enactment of the Tea Act in 1953, with its headquarters in Kolkata.

Who should register with Tea Board India

In India, Tea Traders must obtain and hold various licenses and registrations from Tea Board India to comply with regulations and get various benefits. The type of registration required depends on the nature and category of Tea business.

Every registered exporter of bulk tea, packet tea, tea bags and instant tea is required to be registered with Tea Board for obtaining Registration cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) under the Export Import Policy of the Government of India to avail import/export entitlement / duty drawback benefits.

Apply for Tea Board Registration

Tea Board Registration Process

The procedure of Tea Board Registration online is as follows:

Step 1. Details & Documentation: To apply for Tea Board registration, applicants have to provide mandatory details and supporting documents as per the license category. Once all the information & documents are ready, it is easy and convenient to register under the Tea Board India

Step 2. Application for Tea Board’s Exporter License: Tea traders must have a valid Exporter License from Tea Board India to apply for RCMC registration. Application Form ‘A’ has to be submitted along with required documents for Exporter License.

Step 3. Approval & Issuance of Tea Exporter License: The application for Exporter License is verified by the officials. If there is no discrepancy, the application will be approved, and Tea Board India will issue the Exporter License.

Step 4. Application for Tea Board RCMC Registration: Traders can apply for RCMC registration after obtaining the Tea Export License. Application Forms (19A & 19B) and attachments are appropriately submitted to apply for Tea Board registration online.

Step 5. Approval & Issuance of Tea Board Certificate (RCMC): Tea Board officials check the application forms and documents. If found complete in all respects, the application would be approved, and Tea Board Certificate (RCMC) would be issued to the Tea exporter.

Documents Required for Tea Board Registration

  1. Import Export Code issued by DGFT
  2. Name, Address, Contact No. of all Directors/Partners (with proof)
  3. Proof of Business registration
  4. GST registration certificate
  5. Declaration & Authorization Letter
  6. Memorandum and Article of Association

Licenses, Registrations & Certifications by Tea Board India

  1. Broker In Tea Auction
  2. Buyer Registration
  3. Distributor Licenses
  4. Exporter License
  5. Flavour Registration
  6. Inclusion of Additional Flavoured Tea in the Existing Flavour Registration
  7. Garden Registration
  8. Issuance of Registration Certificate for Manufacturing Unit
  9. Mini Tea Factory
  10. NOC for Construction of Manufacturing Tea Unit
  11. Organisers Of Tea Auction
  12. Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
  13. Tea Warehouse License
  14. Tea Waste License for Bio-Fertilizer Unit
  15. Tea Waste License for Caffeine Manufacturing Unit
  16. Change of Ownership of Garden Registration
  17. Change of Ownership of Tea Factory License
  18. Permanent Exporter License
  19. Capacity Enhancement of Existing Tea Factory

Tea Board Registration Fees

# Type of Registration Cost
1 Tea Board Exporter Registration ₹4,999
2 Tea Board RCMC Registration ₹10,900
3 Total Cost ₹15,899

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