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Check FSSAI Application Status

How to Check FSSAI Application Status

It's simple to track the status of your FSSAI application. To find out where your application is in the registration process, simply follow the steps below. The only thing you'll need is your 17-digit reference number, which you got when you submitted your FSSAI application.

  1. Step 1. Fill your 17-digit application number in the search box
  2. Step 2. Click on search icon
  3. Step 3. You can check all the details of your application status
The information includes:
  1. Reference number
  2. Status of your FSSAI Application
  3. License category
  4. Date of Application filed
  5. District name
  6. Your premise Address

FSSAI Application Status

There are different stages of Application which could possibly be shown Under the Status option. Let's have a look at different status in FSSAI Application:

  1. “Processing to be Initiated” - When you have just applied for an FSSAI license and the review of your application has not yet begun, you will see this status.
  2. “Application reverted to FBO”- Your application can also be reverted if it needs to be changed or explained in some way. To prevent your application being rejected, you must respond to the same within 30 days.
  3. “Rejected Application”- Due to FBO's failure to provide information within the 30-day deadline, an application may be automatically rejected by the system.
  4. “Inspection” - The Officer will make contact with you to schedule an inspection of your property.
  5. “Registration Certificate Issued” - Your application will be approved and the registration certificate will be successfully issued if all the information submitted follows the FSSAI requirements and criteria.

What is FSSAI registration?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety Standards Authority of India. It is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India that governs food business in India. The FSSAI is governed by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act).

If a person wants to start a business related to food, be it food processing or manufacturing, marketing, packaging or distribution, it has to register under FSSAI. It is mandatory to obtain a food license registration number, which has to be printed on food packages or displayed in business premises during business hours. This license or registration number gives data about the producer's permit or enrollment subtle elements and the assembling state.

Check FSSAI License Number Online

You can easily verify the validity of your FSSAI license online once your application has been accepted.

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