ICEGATE Registration in Customs- Simplified, Partnership and AD Code Registration

Updated on October 19, 2022 05:12:45 PM

ICEGATE registration is mandatory for cargo carriers and Trading Partners and is required for filing documents online and generating shipping Bills and bills of Entry. ICEGATE stands for Indian Customs Electronic Gateway. The main purpose of ICEGATE is to accelerate the customs clearance process by reducing paperwork and allowing you to submit your documents electronically.

ICEGATE registration is a completely online process that benefits the user by reducing the processing time, lowering the overall cost due to reduced manpower requirements and increasing visibility into your shipment's status at every step along the way. AD code registration on ICEGATE allows the exporter to receive payments in foreign currencies.

In this article, we will discuss everything about ICEGATE registration in detail. Read on to learn what an ICEGATE registration is?, the Documents required for registration and how you can apply for ICEGATE registration and avail of many benefits provided to the ICEGATE registered users.

AD Code Certificate [Sample]

AD Code Registration on Mormugao Port Sample

Types of ICEGATE Registration

1. ICEGATE Partnership Registration

ICEGATE partnership registration is done on the government website of ICEGATE. Online documents can be filed via ICEGATE partnership registration(The same is not possible for the simplified auto registration).

To register under the ICEGATE Partnership program, you need to click on the “sign up” link on the icegate portal. Once you Sign Up, you will be directed to the ICEGATE partnership registration.

iecgate process

2. ICEGATE Simplified Registration

A Simplified Auto Registration on ICEGATE is required to attract importers and exporters for Registration on ICEGATE and to supply them with numerous information services, including reports.

Currently, IEC Registration is permitted on the ICEGATE portal with a Digital Signature and approval is required. These registered IEC holders are able to submit documents via ICEGATE.

Simplified Auto Registration is based on IEC and GSTIN, and it requires OTP for email and mobile phone verifications.

The streamlined Registration Module in ICEGATE allows users to register at ICEGATE without having to upload a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), verify their Permanent Account Number (PAN), upload documents to ICEGATE, or undergo an approval procedure.

Note : IEC holders registered under the Simplified Auto Registration category are ineligible to submit customs paperwork.

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Who can apply for ICEGATE Registration

  1. F-card custom brokers or Custom house Agents(CHA)- Individuals, Firms or Employees
  2. IEC Certificate holders
  3. Console agents
  4. Shipping Agents
  5. Shipping Lines
  6. Airlines
  7. Air Cargo Agents
  8. IEC Authorized persons
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ICEGATE Registration Process

Step 1: Visit the official website to access the ICEGATE website.

Step 2: For registration, click on the link provided on the homepage. You can also register by clicking the service link and filling out the registration form.

Step 3: To register for ICEGATE, the applicant must click on the link for Simplified Registration.

Step 4: On this screen, the applicant must enter his or her IEC, GSTIN, and temporary password sent from ICEGATE.

Step 5: After entering the aforementioned information, the registrant must enter an ICEGATE ID and password. Both the username and password will be selected by the applicant.

Step 6: The ICEGATE ID must be unique; else, the page will reject it. The applicant is also advised to select a complex password for ICEGATE. If you enter a different password in the confirm password box than you did in the password box, the page will display an error.

While choosing an icegate ID, make sure that your ICEGATE ID:

  • Does not contain any white Spaces.
  • Should not have any special characters except “-” and “_”.
  • Is not more than 25 characters.
  • Is alphanumeric

Step 7: If the data is updated, the registrant will receive an OTP for authentication. The system will send two separate OTPs, one to the applicant's mobile number and the other to the email address provided on the previous page.

Step 8: Enter a valid OTP to finish the registration process. If you enter an invalid OTP, the page will display an error message.

Step 9: You may now complete the registration procedure by clicking the option labeled "Finish." You will receive a notification stating "Are you certain you wish to continue the auto IEC Registration Process?" Click the "Yes" option to complete the registration process, and you will finally be registered on ICEGATE.

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Documents Required for ICEGATE Registration

Applicant Entity Documents Required Scanned Copy Format
Custom Broker/CHA(Individual)
  • Address Proof
  • Valid License or Permit
Custom Broker/CHA(Firm)
  • Authorization letter
  • Address Proof
  • Valid License or Permit
Custom Broker/CHA(Individual(Employee)
  • F-card/G-card(Employee) Authorization
  • Authorization letter
  • Address Proof(Aadhaar/Voter ID/passport/DL)
IEC Authorized person
  • Authorization letter
  • Address Proof
IEC holders
  • Address Proof
  • Valid License or Permit
Airlines/Air Agents
  • Authorization letter
  • Address Proof
  • Valid License or Permit
Shipping Lines/Shipping Agents
  • Order of Commissioner
  • Authorization letter
  • Address Proof
Console Agents
  • Address Proof
  • Valid License or Permit

Note: One of the following Address proofs of the applicant Entity are considered valid for ICEGATE Registration.

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Voter ID
  3. Driving license
  4. Passport
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ICEGATE Registration Guidelines by DGFT

  1. IEC holders are urged to register at the new Registration Module as soon as possible if they plan to file documents at ICEGATE using RES.
  2. Before beginning the registration procedure, all users are advised to use their Individual Type Class III DSC tokens plugged into their systems. At the time of registration, all users are required to upload their DSCs.
  3. The PAN details of the applicant will be verified against the PAN database of the Income Tax department at the time of registration. Moreover, the applicant entity must also upload a copy of the PAN during the registration process. Ensure that the name given during ICEGATE registration matches the name on your PAN card.
  4. Only G-Card holders are allowed to register as CHA employees since they are allowed to digitally sign documents using DSC, whereas H-card holders are not allowed to do so.
  5. An entity can register on ICEGATE with only one parent user and the other users will be registered as child users.
  6. The ICES registration number given during registration is utilized to obtain information from ICES directories and is displayed for verification. The data collection process starts only when the applicant verifies their data.
  7. If the IEC-authorized person is no longer employed by the IEC holder, the IEC holder has the authority to disable the IEC-authorized person. Therefore, the IEC holders are encouraged to disable the IEC-approved person in the ICEGATE Registration module.
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AD code Port registration on ICEGATE

Each port's AD code registration can be completed online via the ICEGATE site. You must register your AD code at the port where you wish to import your goods. The thirteen major Indian ports are listed below.

Port Location ICEGATE AD code Registration Port Code
Mumbai Nhava Sheva Port registration INNSA1
Tamil Nadu Ennore Port Registration INENR1
Gujarat Kandla Port Registration INIXY6
Chennai Chennai Port Registration INMAA6
West Bengal Kolkata Port Registration INCCU1
Karnataka New Mangalore Port Registration INNML1
Kerala Cochin Port Registration INCOK4
Orissa Paradip Port Registration INPRT1
Maharashtra Mumbai Port Registration INBOM6
Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam Port Registration INVTZ6
Tamil Nadu Tuticorin Port Registration INTNC6
Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair Port Registration INIXZ1
Goa Mormugao Port registration INMRM1
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Customs Clearance Process?

Customs clearance is a required step for allowing products to enter a country via an authorized customs broker. There is also information about shipments with imports and exports with parties involved in the procedure.

Can I register for icegate without DSC?

ICEGATE is registered in 2 ways.

  1. ICEGATE partnership registration is done with a class III DSC.while,
  2. Simplified Auto Registration on ICEGATE is obtained without DSC. The downside of the Simplified registration is that you can not file documents online with Auto IEC registration on ICEGATE.
  3. AD Code registration on ICEGATE also requires a class III DSC

ICEGATE digital Signature certificate is used for DSC-based file signing and verification.

To Digitally Sign a Document or File using DSC, the user must now install the PKI Component in order for the signer tool to function properly.

The PKI Component is a client-side utility that must be installed on the user's computer.

What is the need for ICEGATE registration?

ICEGATE registration is required to file online shipping bills, bills of Entry and other important documents. That is why it is necessary for the CHA/IEC holder/airlines/ shipping lines to register their business on ICEGATE.

How much does it cost to register an AD code in ICEGATE?

AD code registration on ICEGATE costs ₹3000. Please note that there is no government fee for registering the AD code in ICEGATE.

How to register an AD code on ICEGATE?

The process of AD code registration on Icegate is done in 4 steps:

  • Documentation
  • Application to the Icegate portal using organization-based class 3 DSC(Digital Signature Certificate)
  • Following up with the concerned port for AD code registration.
  • Approval of AD code from customs.