MSDS certificate: How to get an MSDS certificate for chemical products

Updated on February 24, 2023 11:53:06 AM

MSDS also known as Material safety data sheet is a technical document that lists the physical composition of hazardous materials and products made of chemicals.

It also includes information on the health and environmental hazards associated with the chemical. MSDS certificate also provides preventive measures to minimize the risk of harm to people and the environment.

As per the occupational safety health administration (OSHA), all manufacturers of chemicals and importer-Exporter of chemicals must provide an MSDS certificate or print it on the labeling and packaging before shipping or transportation.

MSDS Certificate [Sample]

Who requires an MSDS certificate?

The following businesses require MSDS or safety data sheets for their activities.

  • Transporters of hazardous products
  • Importers of hazardous products or chemicals
  • Exporters of chemical and dangerous materials
  • Storage facilities where such products are stored
  • Manufacturers of products that include hazardous chemicals as an ingredient
  • Working space and industries where dangerous chemicals or materials are used or stored
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Purpose of obtaining MSDS certificate

The purpose of getting an MSDS certificate is to provide complete details about the hazardous chemicals. It assures safe handling, transportation, export, import, and use. It also provides prevention and first aid measures regarding hazardous chemicals and their use.

MSDS certificates are prepared on 16 parameters as per the guidelines of OSHA.

The parameters are as follows:-

  • Identification
  • Hazard(s) identification
  • First-aid measures
  • Composition/Information on ingredients
  • Fire-fighting measures
  • Other information
  • Handling and storage
  • Exposure controls/Personal protection
  • Stability and reactivity
  • Toxicological information
  • Ecological information
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Disposal considerations
  • Transportation information
  • Regulatory information
  • Accidental release measures
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Documents required for MSDS/SDS Certificate for Chemical Products

documents required for msds/sds certificate
  1. IEC Code
  2. GST Registration Certificate
  3. Ingredients of the Product
  4. Details of Product (with image)
  5. Contact Details of Company (Email ID, Website, Telephone No.)
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MSDS certificate cost for Chemicals and Products

The total cost for obtaining an MSDS/SDS certificate for Chemical and Products is as follows:

No. of MSDS or SDS certificate : MSDS Fees for Chemicals
For 1 MSDS certificate INR 3,999 /- only
For 2 MSDS certificate INR 7,500 /- only

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How to get an MSDS certificate for Chemicals and chemical Products?

Get your MSDS Certificate Online with Professional Utilities in three simple steps:

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Step 1:
Get in touch via call or contact form

Step 2:
Provide necessary documents

Step 3:
Get your MSDS certificate within 3-5 days

Process of MSDS Certification

Step-1: Details and documentation

Applicants must submit all the necessary details and documents regarding their product to initiate preparation for their MSDS certificate.

Step-2: Submission of fee

The applicant must pay the processing fees after successfully submitting the documents and information regarding their product.

Step-3: Preparation of MSDS/SDS certificate

This process involves gathering all relevant information and making it in a predetermined format. The MSDS Sheet will be prepared based on the standard set by the European Union.

Step-4: Issuance of certification

When the safety data sheet (SDS) is completed, it will be sent to the applicant. The applicant needs to sign the MSDS and use it with the material, packaging, and labeling.

process for obtaining msds certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it cost to get an MSDS certificate?

Obtaining an MSDS certificate will cost you Rs. 4,000 for one certificate.

Is MSDS required for chemicals and their Products?

As per the mandate of OSHA MSDS certificate for hazardous materials is required to produce for export-oriented businesses and for workplace safety norms.

What is the meaning of MSDS?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, which shows the risks and prevention measures associated with using chemicals, hazardous material, or a product.

What are the documents required for an MSDS/SDS certificate?

The following documents are required for MSDS/SDS certification: -

  1. IEC Code
  2. GST Registration Certificate
  3. Ingredients of the Product
  4. Details of Product (with images)
  5. Contact Details of Company

Why is the safety data sheet (SDS) used?

The safety data sheet is used for hazardous material safety and preventive assessment.

How do I get an MSDS certificate?

You can get your MSDS certificate from professional utilities in three simple steps. Our process is entirely online and hassle-free.

  1. Give us a call at 971-671-1090
  2. Provide all necessary details
  3. Get your MSDS/SDS certificate within 3-5 working days

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