Cashew Export Promotion Council - How to Get RCMC for Cashew Export?

Updated on February 14, 2023 07:09:06 PM

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India was established in 1955. The government, with the help of the cashew industry, created it to promote the export of cashew kernels and cashew nut shell liquid.

The Council connects foreign buyers with member exporters of cashew kernels. They also help settle complaints about exports and imports. The purpose is to increase the export of cashew kernels and cashew nut shell liquid.

The Council provides a framework to perform different functions that promote export. They provide necessary liaison and support for the industry. It also helps in resolving issues related to quality and contractual obligations.

CEPCI Certificate Sample

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Types of Membership Offered by Cashew Export Promotion Council

The council for cashew export promotion in India, offers 3 types of membership to exporter, merchants and manufacturer exporters of cashew in India. The eligibility criteria for each differs respectively.

  1. Associate membership:- The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India is offering Associate Membership to individuals, companies, co-operative societies, and corporations that are involved in the production, processing, trading, or conversion of cashew and related products such as Cashew kernels, CNSL, and Cardanol.
  2. Ordinary membership:- Any firm or individual who satisfies the following criteria can apply for ordinary membership with the CEPCI council.
  3. The minimum exports for membership would be :

    • For Cashew Kernels - 30 MT (2 containers)
    • For Cashewnut Shell Liquid – the exported quantity of the item will be given 5 times weightag
    • For Consumer Packs – the export quantity of the item will be given 15 times weightage
  4. Supporting membership:- The eligibility criteria to get recognised as a supporting member of the cashew export promotion council is the same as an ordinary membership. However the council has categorized these members on the basis of the type of service they provide.
  5. Such as:

    1. Brokers Should have handled at least 30MT equivalent cashew products per year in single or in combination during the last three years. The relevant documentary proof to confirm the above may have to be produced to the CEPCI.
    2. Quality Inspection Agencies
    3. Shipping Lines
    4. Custom House Agents
    5. Surveyors
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Documents Required for CEPCI Membership

These are the some sets of documents that are needed for different kinds of CEPCI membership.

For Associate membership

  1. Nature of business
  2. Names if partners/proprietor of the firm
  3. Association with any other organization
  4. Import-export code certificate
  5. Proof of manufacturing/business such as SSI certificate or MSME certificate
  6. Lease agreement in case the factory is leased. The lease has to be valid up to period of membership of council
  7. Trade registration certificate, or trade license for authorized body or SSI certificate
  8. GST registration certificate
  9. Address proof of registered office
  10. Address proof & photograph authorized representative
  11. Proof of having requisite export of cashew kernel/cashewnut
  12. Copies of invoice/bill of landing, certified by CA

For supporting membership

  1. The export figures are required to be certified by their Chartered Accountants

Note: The list of other required documents are same as above mentioned documents

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Fee for CEPCI Membership Registration

The cost of getting an registration cum membership certificate for the export of cashew and allied products can vary depending upon the type of membership the applicant is opting for.

The fee for Associate membership is as follows:

Particulars Fees
Entrance fee (only one time) ₹3,000 + 18% GST
Annual membership fee ₹6,000 + 18% GST

For Ordinary membership:

Particulars Fees
Entrance fee (only one time) ₹20,000 + 18% GST
Annual membership fee ₹8,500 + 18% GST

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For supporting membership

The annual membership fee for supporting members is 20,000 + 18% GST on it as it is applicable.

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Renewal of Membership

As per the guidelines of cashew export promotion council of India the registered members are required to renew their membership annually by paying an annual membership fee.

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Process for Registration Cum Membership Certificate?

Note: Wrt the DGFT notification no.: 6/2015-2020, dated 14th June 2021, the Cashew Kernels, Cashew nut Shell Liquid and Karanol are now under the jurisdiction of APEDA.

The Exporters registered with Cashew Export Promotion Council of India (CEPCI) and having valid RCMC may get the same endorsement from APEDA.

  1. To register as a member, visit the APEDA website, go to the homepage and click on the "Register as Member" link.
  2. The exporter is required to enter basic details such as IE CODE, email ID, and mobile number and submit it. The details provided will be verified against the DGFT website.
  3. After submitting the basic details, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the provided email and mobile number for confirmation. The exporter is required to enter the OTP on the verification screen to verify both email and mobile number and click on submit to proceed with the application process
  4. After the verification process is completed, the exporter is required to fill out the online application form and upload the required documents. The exporter must carefully enter all the required information and ensure that the correct information is submitted in the online application form.
  5. APEDA will verify the details provided by the exporter and issue a new APEDA RCMC to the exporter
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Assistance to Members

The assistance is provided to exporters for upgrading their processing and packaging and quality of cashew and its allied products.

The schemes are for assistance are:

  1. Process Mechanization and automation of Cashew Processing units
  2. Quality upgradation and Food Safety Certifications
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Eligibility for Members to Get Benefit of Schemes

  • Exporters who are Members or Associate Members of the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India and maintain their membership until all export obligations are fulfilled, will be eligible to receive assistance under this program.
  • This program is only for the improvement of existing units by replacing or upgrading machinery and equipment, not for new units. It includes mechanization and automation, as well as the enhancement of quality.
  • The grant available to member exporters is 33.33% of their total eligible investment, with a maximum of Rs. 100 lakhs for Process Mechanization & Automation of cashew processing units and a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs for Quality Upgradation.
  • Associate members can receive a grant of 33.33% of their total eligible investment, capped at Rs. 10 lakhs for process mechanization & Automation of cashew processing units and Rs. 2.5 lakhs for Quality Upgradation.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need RCMC for the cashew export promotion council?

Yes, RCMC is obligatory for any kind of exporter in india.

Is having an IEC code mandatory for cashew exporters?

Yes, having an import export code from DGFT is mandatory for exporters of cashew and its allied products.

How to get CEPCI registration in India?

You can have CEPCI registration in India in just 3 simple steps with Professional Utilities

  1. Connect with Us
  2. Documention
  3. Issuance of CEPCI once granted by authorities
What is the validity period of Cashew board membership?

The CEPCI membership is valid for 31st of April each year. Members are required to renew their membership annually in order to continue exports.