LMPC Certificate for Import - Fees, Documents, Validity and Process

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LMPC certificate full form is Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities, is mandatory for every business that deals in manufacturing, selling, distributing, importing and packing of Pre-Packaged Commodities. It is also called the Importer’s License. The main purpose behind the LMPC registration is to ensure that pre-packaged goods imported into India comply with the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011.

Importers may face huge penalties and result in shipment stoppage at customs in case of non-compliance under Legal Metrology. The customs authorities have become strict in checking whether the legal metrology compliances by the importers have been fulfilled or not.

Read on to learn about the benefits, documents required, registration fees, penalties for non-compliance and registration process of the LMPC registration.

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LMPC Certificate for import Sample
LMPC Certificate for Importers Sample
Weight & Measurement Sample

What is LMPC Certificate for import?

The LMPC certificate for import, or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity, is a certification that identifies commodities that have been packaged by a third party before they become commercially available. The packaging process can include everything from vacuum sealing and shrink wrapping to product development and shelf-life testing.

Full form: Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity
Mandatory For: Importers of Prepackaged Goods.
Registration Fees: ₹500 + Professional Fees
Validity: 5 years

Note: The aforementioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

The Department of Consumer Affairs grants an LMPC import license. When an importer applies for the LMPC registration, the Director of Legal Metrology will register the name and address of the importer in the legal metrology Database and grant the LMPC certificate for import.

What are Pre-Packaged Commodities

Pre-Packaged commodities are the goods that are packed (sealed or Unsealed) without the end consumer being present, and hence the contents present inside the package are pre-determined.

Pre-packaged Commodities that are covered under the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities are:

  • Tea and Coffee
  • Cooking oils
  • Milk and Detergent powders
  • Soaps
  • Paint, Varnish, Enamels
  • Cement in Bags
  • Biscuits, Bread, Baby food
  • Soft drinks and other non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Mineral Water and Drinking water
  • Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Suji, Rawa
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Documents required for LMPC Certificate

  1. DSC is mandatory for authorised signatory.
  2. Residential proof like Aadhaar, voter ID or Passport.
  3. MCD/NDMC/DDA License for trade / manufacture / Factory. In case an applicant doesn't possess the MCD license, an undertaking in the form of an affidavit has to be submitted confirming that the business premises is not located in a non-conforming area and is not likely to be sealed by the MCD.
  4. GST registration.
  5. Label / Packaging material / Slip /Sticker being pasted on the packaged commodity.
  6. Memorandum of Association of the Company, Partnership deed in respect of Partnership firms.
  7. Import-Export Code (IEC certificate).
  8. Passport size photograph (all Directors/all Partners/Proprietor)
  9. Proof of commercial area
  10. Receipt of Offenses for which challenged and whether it is compounded
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How to apply for an LMPC certificate online?

Step 1: Submit the application form to the director of Metrology

To apply online for an LMPC import license, you must first submit an application form. The application form must be submitted to the Director of Metrology at your local government unit. You can find the Director of Metrology's contact information on the Metrology Council website.

Step 2: Submit the documents required for LMPC registration

If you are applying for an LMPC certificate, you will need to submit a copy of your business permit and a copy of your current license to operate as a merchant or store owner. You will also need to submit documents verifying that you have paid all city and provincial taxes in the past two years (if applicable), along with any other documents that the Director of Metrology may request.

Step 3: Submit the LMPC registration fees

Once you've submitted all required documents and paid the applicable fees, you can expect your LMPC certificate within 7-10 working days (depending on when your application is received).

Once you have submitted your application, it will be forwarded to the Director of Metrology for review. The director will then contact you via email to let you know if your application has been accepted or not. If accepted, you will be sent an approval call which will include more details about the course and how much it costs.

Note: In case of incomplete/incorrect details, the application will be returned to the applicant entity within 7 days of receiving it.

Information to be included on the package

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, you are not permitted to manufacture, market, sell, import, pack, or distribute pre-packaged goods without mentioning certain information on the outer package.

  1. Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of GST)
  2. Date of manufacturing/ packing/ import
  3. Generic name of the product
  4. Date of expiry in case of food items
  5. Net contents in terms of weights / volume / length
  6. Details of the consumer care
  7. Country of origin for imported goods
  8. Quantities in which packing is made, i.e., below 5g, 5g, 10g, 20g, etc

Declarations to be made in the LMPC certificate for import

Following declarations must be made by the importers while registering for a Legal Metrology certificate. Importers who fail to declare the following are ineligible to apply for LMPC registration.

  1. Whether the packing is made in standard quantities as specified in Rule 5 of Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011).
  2. Whether the package is a combination package or group package, or a multi-piece package.
  3. Whether the package is a retail package or a wholesale package
  4. Whether the package contains perishable commodities or food items
  5. Whether the packed items will also be exported out of the country
  6. Whether the items are being packed for specific industries only as raw material.
  7. Whether the package contains fast food items
  8. Whether the package contains any schedule / non-scheduled formulations covered under the Drugs (price control) order or any agricultural farm products of 50 kg and above.
  9. Whether the shop/ factory/ premises is owned/ rented.
  10. Have your premises been last inspected by the inspector of the W&M Department?
  11. Whether your firm has been challenged during the last three years for violating weights & measures laws. If yes, the date of challan etc.?
  12. Offenses for which challenged and whether it is compounded or not
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LMPC Registration Fees

The Government Fees for LMPC registration, including the LMPC certificate cost, is ₹500 and the Professional fees for LMPC registration is ₹4,499. Once the payment is done, the registration authority will inspect the business premises before granting the LMPC certificate. The entire process is completed within 7-10 working days.

Particulars LMPC Certificate Fee
Government Fees ₹500
Professional fees ₹4,500
Total Cost ₹4,999
On Urgent Basis ₹12,499

Note: The aforementioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

Note: The above fees are applicable only to the importers of Delhi and Andhra Pradesh. The LMPC registration fees for other states of India varies state to state.

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Benefits of obtaining an LMPC certificate for import

1. Simplifies and Promotes Importing

The LMPC certificate is a document that certifies that you have completed the legal metrology course. It has been designed to enhance India's trade, finance, and export sectors. It makes it easier to import goods to India.

2. Promotes the welfare of the consumers

Proper accuracy in weights and measurements is crucial in promoting the welfare of customers. That way, the consumers are protected from the illegal practices of selling underweight products, and they actually get the same amount of product at that price as mentioned on the package.

3. Prevents Import of illegal goods

The Legal Metrology Act is accountable for controlling any illegal or unethical trade practices. This act aims to ensure that all commercial transactions of packaged commodities are genuine.

4. Saves Importing Costs and Time

Importer's license or LMPC license consists of all the information about the weights and properties of packaged goods. It saves tons of time during the customs clearance of packaged commodities. The LMPC certificate for import accelerates the customs process, avoids unnecessary delays, and saves from penalties. Thus saving importing time and expense.

5. Builds trust between seller and Buyer

Customers always seek to purchase products that meet the specifications mentioned on the package. Properly checking the weight and measurements of goods by a trusted authority creates a sense of customer satisfaction. That's why LMPC-certified vendors are trusted by their customers.

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Validity of LMPC Certificate

The Validity of an LMPC registration is five years. The LMPC import license must be renewed before the expiry period to avoid hassle during customs clearance.

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Exemptions under LMPC rules

The following are not considered to be a legal compulsion for having an LMPC certificate for import:

  • Commodities have a net weight of 10 gms or 10 ml or less.
  • Agricultural products packed in weights greater than 50 kg
  • Packages containing fast food items packed by a hotel or restaurant
  • Formulation-containing packages authorized by the Drugs (Price Control) Order, 1995
  • Packaged goods targeted for institutional consumers(those who purchase the products directly from the manufacturer for use in that business) or service institutions such as airways, railways, hotels and hospitals
  • Packages containing goods weighing more than 25 kg or 25 litres, with the exception of cement or fertilizer sold in bags weighing up to 50 kg.
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Penalties for Non-compliance

  • A late fee of Rs. 5000( for Delhi) will be incurred if your application for an LMPC import license is submitted more than 90 days after the importation process begins
  • Importers, packers, manufacturers, and dealers who violate the established norms of measurements and weights may be subject to a fine of up to 10,000 or a year in jail.
  • If an importer, packer or manufacturer violates section 11 of the LMPC Act, they can be fined up to ₹10,000 or serve a year in prison.
  • If an importer, packer or manufacturer delivers quantities that are less than what the end-user has paid for, they can be fined up to ₹10,000 or serve a year in prison.
  • Importing any weight or measure is only allowed by an importer certificate under section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. The customs authorities are getting stricter regarding this law, and business owners need to get an importer certificate before importing any weight or measure.
  • Manufacturers and importers who fail to submit annual returns will be fined ₹5,000 or spend a year in jail.
  • If the label on the product has an unverified weight, then the importer will also be penalized.
  • Importers, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers who make a sale of products that do not have an LMPC declaration on the packaging will be penalized by a fine of ₹2,000 to ₹10,000 or spend a year in jail or both.
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Professional Utilities: Your Partner in LMPC Registration

The LMPC registration process involves a tonne of statements and information to be included. It is advised to seek an expert to apply for an LMPC certificate to avoid the cancellation of registration.

Professional Utilities will help you get the LMPC certificate at a minimal cost and help you avoid the hassle during customs clearance. Follow the steps below:

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Step 1:
Get in touch via call or contact form

Step 2:
Provide necessary documents

Step 3:
Get your LMPC certificate within 7 working days

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LMPC Registration In Other States

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FAQs on LMPC Registration

Who needs an LMPC certificate?

Importers of the pre-packaged goods mostly need the LMPC certificate at the customs.

How many types of LMPC Certificate

Essentially there are two types of LMPC Certificate:

  • Importers LMPC Certification: This one is necessary when you are conducting business through sale or importation of goods without proper labeling and packaging.
  • LMPC packer and manufacture license: This is required in India where the manufacturer engages in packaging pre-packed commodities that have been manufactured.
  • Who issues an LMPC Certificate?

    The Department of Consumers Affairs is the governing body that issues the LMPC import license to the importers of pre-packaged commodities.

    How much does it cost to apply for an LMPC certificate?

    The total cost of LMPC Registtraion is ₹5,000/- only. The Govt fee for LMPC registration is ₹500, while the professional fee LMPC consultation is ₹4,499/- only.


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