Coffee Board Exporter Registration - Process, Documents, Fees
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Coffee Board Online Registration

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Coffee Board Online Exporter Registration - Process, Documents Required, Fees

Updated on May 03, 2023 03:54:18 PM

Registration with the Coffee Board of India is mandatory to become a registered exporter of Coffee. There are various benefits only registered exporters are eligible to claim. The Coffee Board of India is responsible for licensing legitimate Coffee exporters and promoting coffee production.

Read about the process, documents required, and fees for registering under the Coffee Board of India.

Coffee Board Certificate [Sample]

Tea Board Certificate [Sample]
FSSAI State License Sample
FSSAI Central License Sample

What is the Coffee Board of India?

What is the Coffee Board of India?

The Coffee Board of India is an organization managed by the Ministry of Commerce, the Government of India, to promote coffee production and export Indian coffee. The head office of the Coffee Board is in Bangalore.

The Coffee Board acts as an Export promotion agency for Indian Coffee and supports the development of domestic coffee markets. The primary objective of the Coffee Board of India is to enhance the production, productivity, and quality of Indian coffee products and to bring about exports of Indian coffee to various destinations globally.

Apply for Coffee Board Registration

Coffee Board Registration Process

The procedure of Coffee Board registration online is as follows:

Step 1. Details & Documentation: To apply for Coffee Board registration, applicants must provide mandatory details and supporting documents. Once all the information & documents are ready, it is easy and convenient to register with the Coffee Board of India.

Step 2. Application for Coffee Board Exporter License: The application form and attachments are appropriately submitted to apply for Coffee Board registration online.

Step 3. Verification by Coffee Board officials: The application form and attached documents are checked by Coffee Board officials. If there are any discrepancies, the application will be rejected, and a notification will be sent to the applicant.

Step 4. Approval & Issuance of Coffee Board Certificate (RCMC): If found complete in all respects, the application will be approved, and Coffee Board Certificate (RCMC) will be issued to the Coffee exporter.

Coffee Board Registration Process

Documents Required for Coffee Board Registration

Documents Required for Coffee Board Registration

  1. IEC Code issued by DGFT
  2. Proof of Business registration
  3. GST registration certificate
  4. PAN Card of the Company/Firm
  5. Details of all Directors/Partners with passport size photographs
  6. Bank Performance Letter
  7. Authorized Signatory of Bank
  8. Memorandum and Article of Association
  9. FSSAI License or MSME Certificate (for the manufacturer exporter)
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Coffee Board Registration Fees

# RCMC Registration Cost
1 Government Fee ₹7,316
2 Professional Fee ₹4,683
Total Cost ₹11,999 Only

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