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Online Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Retainership Program

Updated on March 27, 2023 12:20:15 PM

GeM is an online marketplace for sellers to list their services & products for various government agencies to procure it. However, the procedure to participate in the tender is complicated and requires extensive technical knowledge.

To ease this problem we are offering a retainership program for our GeM clients. Under this program, all the GeM-related responsibilities & activities such as the listing of products, catalogue & category creation, and tenders & bid participation will be managed by our team of GeM experts.

In this article, you will get a brief summary of GeM and the benefits of our GeM retainership program.

GeM Vendor Assessment Sample Report

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What is GeM

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a web portal for purchasing goods and services from MSMEs by the Government of India. It was launched by the Ministry of Commerce & Industries in 2016. GeM aims to promote micro, small & medium industries (MSMEs) in India.

Over the last few years, the government has procured more than 30% of its total requirement through the online GeM portal. GeM turned out to be a boon for the MSMEs.

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What is GeM Portal Registration?

GeM registration is an online process for registering MSMEs on the GeM portal. After creating their profiles on the portal, businesses can participate in public procurement and tenders.

GeM portal registration also has some of the following benefits for its vendors.

  • Uniform purchase procedure
  • Multiple Invoices for their products
  • Easy Access to the pan India market
  • Direct contact with various government entities
  • One-stop shop for bids / reverse auctions on products/services
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Roles to be Performed by GeM Expert

To participate in a live tender on GeM vendors are required to fulfil the following prerequisites.

Catalog & Category Creation :

Product categories & catalogues are usually created during the listing procedure on the portal. Sellers can create more than 1 catalogue & categories for various products.

Brand Listing :

Manufacturers on the GeM can list their brands on the portal to stand out from the other vendors. The brands can be listed is as follows.

  • Trademark registered brands
  • Brand but not registered with Trademark
  • Unbranded manufacturers

Product Listing :

It is an essential step or all manufacturers to list their products & services on the government e-marketplace (GeM) to participate in public procurement. To register their products on the portal manufacturers are required to go through an assessment or exemption from it.

Manage & Approvals of Resellers :

Once the vendors get access to the OEM panel they can manage & authorise resellers for their quadrant 2 and quadrant 3 products through the OEM dashboard.

Bid Participation :

As we know the government procure more than 30% of its goods and services from the GeM portal alone and to take advantage of this opportunity MSMEs need to get listed on the portal.

When the requirements occur, government entities open tenders on the portal, which can be accessed by GeM vendors & only registered sellers can participate in it. Under our retainership we will be responsible for taking care of bid participation on your behalf.

Our experts will make sure that you will get comprehensive details of bids and participate in all the relevant thender for better exposure on the GeM e-Marketplace.

Competitor Analysis :

Competitor analysis for government tenders is a crucial step in preparing a winning bid for a government contract. It involves analyzing the competition to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and understanding the bidding process to determine the best strategy for winning the tender.

With the help of our GeM expert you won't have to worry about it at all.

Bid Creation :

Bid creation is a critical step in the procurement process on GeM, and it requires careful preparation and attention to detail to ensure that your bid is competitive and meets the requirements of the procuring agency.

In the bid creation process, you are required to provide detailed information about your company, the goods or services you are offering, your proposed price, delivery timeline, and any other relevant information.

L1 Comparison :

Our GeM experts will carry out an L1 comparison for all the awarded bids and participated bids to deduce the discrepancy. It will provide a comprehensive insight of the market and the overall competition on the government e-Marketplace portal for respective product categories.

Reseller Appointment

Once the vendors get access to the OEM panel they can manage & authorized resellers for their quadrant 2 and quadrant 3 products through the OEM dashboard.

Continuous Monitoring :

Our Team of GeM experts will have monotonous eyes for any update or discrepancies on your profile on the GeM portal.

Invoice Creation on GeM :

Generating an invoice for all the awarded bids & procurement on the gem portal.

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Benefits of Our GeM Retainership Program

For GeM registration, the following documents are required:

  1. Fewer follow-ups
  2. Low service charges
  3. Paperless procedure
  4. Quick & hassle-free process
  5. Timely participation in bids
  6. Keen eye on all relative open tenders as per the requirements of the vendor
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Sell your products and services to government buyers by becoming an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on GeM

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How to apply for a Retainership Program with Professional Utilities?

You can avail for our retainership program in just few simple steps.

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Step 1:
Get in touch via call or Contact with us

Step 2:
Provide necessary details

Step 3:
Make the payment

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GeM "Government e-Marketplace" has been a success story for thousands of MSMEs across India since its inception. Various government entities do procurements through the GeM portal from various vendors listed on GeM. however due to complexity & lack of knowledge on the government procurement procedures MSMEs are not able to utilities GeM benefits at its extent.

To address this issue we have come up with a retainership program where they can avail our services on cost-effective pricing without any hassles.

Why Professional Utilities?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is cost of GeM vendor assessment?

The government fee for QCI vendor assessment is ₹ 11,200 with 18% GST. The total cost would be Rs. 13,216 excluding professional charges.

What is the process of GeM vendor assessment?

The vendor assessment is done by QCI "quality council of India" at different stages. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure the quality of the product & service and also to boost micro, small and medium industries.

Who can apply for GeM portal registration?

All MSMEs and manufacturers can apply for GeM portal registration.

How to participate in GeM bidding process?

To participate in the bidding process sellers first needs to have OEM status and access to OEM panel, and they are also required to list their brand, product and services.