Copyright Certificate in India at a glance

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Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, photograph, Painting, a speach, movies, songs, source code of a software program, the binary executable file, Website, Mobile App, and architecture.

It registration with IPR Authority essentially ensures that any creative work cannot be copied without the permission of the author or creator. This allows the author to charge others for copying his work, or modifying it, or building on top of it. For example, downloading an image from Shutterstock and using it on your own website without purchasing or taking on rent is violating the copyright of Shutterstock. Shutterstock can file a suit against you to claim its value of the image.

By Registering your work, basically you wanted to protect your right over that and some sort of earning by letting it to others for using.

Copyright Certificate Sample
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Benefits of Copyright Registration in India

  1. Legal Protection: Copyright registration creates a public record of the ownership by copyright holder.
  2. Legal Action against others: Enables the owner of the copyright to take legal action against infringers in a court.
  3. Legal right Established: Any legal action taken before or within a certain period from the date of publication, then adequate evidence can be presented in court relating to the validity of the copyright the facts that are stated in the certificate of copyright.
  4. Holding rights since application filed: In case registration is made within a short span of time the person’s work or at any time prior to the infringement of the copyrighted work, the copyright owner is permitted to claim statutory damages in a high court.
  5. Right to use, Re-Use & Reproduce: Copyright gives the right to use, re-use, reproduce the copies and can sell the copies. By copyrighting one can import or export whole or part of work.
  6. Free to Create derivative work: Owner is free to create any derivative work and can demonstrate it publicly.
  1. Economic benefits: Work can be indulged in transmitting or displaying it by radio or video. Copyright, therefore, encourages enterprise and enables an encouraging climate to motivate economic activity.
  2. Enables moral rights: Enables moral rights to be identified as the creator or the author of definite kinds of material (known as the paternity right), and can raise any objection to the distortion and mutilation of the right.
  3. Gives economic stability: Ensures economic stability for the creator by allowing him to reproduce his work or art in whichever form he deems it necessary.
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Copyright online registration process in India

  1. User Registration: First take the registration on IPR copyright website and on successful registration Login with User ID and Password.
  2. Application filing: Application for registration is to be made on Form XIV ( Including Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars) as prescribed in the first schedule to the Rules.
    Separate applications should be made for registration of each work.
  3. Payment of Fee: Each application should be accompanied by the requisite fee prescribed in the second schedule to the Rules.
  4. Signature / Power of Attorney: The applications should be signed by the applicant. The Power of Attorney signed by the party and accepted by the advocate should also be enclosed, if applicable.
  5. Submission: On completion of all process Submit and get dairy number (acknowledgement).
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What all things are Protected under a Copyright?

Title of Original Work

Literary works (e.g., written books, computer programs, website)

Dramatic works (e.g., scripts for films and dramas) including tunes

Artistic works (e.g., Painting, Picture, graphics and sculpture)

Musical work including lyrics

Recorded Sounds

Published editions

Movies, Films and telefilms

Broadcasts on Radio and Television


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Know the meaning of different status of Copyright Application filed

Meaning of different Status mark by authority on submission of copyright application

  1. Work Awaited: Work yet to be received.
  2. Waiting: Payment Accepted,Application in mandatory waiting period of one month(Copyright Act 1957).
  3. Documents not received, formality check failed: Documents/works not received only after making payment.
  4. Abandoned: Documents/works not received after filing.
  5. Scrutiny: Application is under process.
  6. Discrepant: Application is not in complete format a letter will be sent to you by Registered Post.
  7. Re-Scrutiny: Application is under process again with Reply sent by you.
  8. Hearing: Hearing on Objections.
  9. Registered: ROC is Generated will be sent to you by Registered Post.
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Documents requirement for copyright registration in India

Title of Original Work

Class & Description of Original Work.

Website copyright - give the URL of the website

Nationality of the Applicant owner

Identity proof of Applicant owner

Other Documents as per Work

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How to check copyright application status

Open Copyright Govt. Website is Copyright Registrar Website in India.
Click on 'Status of the Application" or ""

Enter Diary No.

Put the Diary number ( Application acknowlegement number) and Submit

Find Status

You can find the updated status.

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Our Pricing

New Registration
  • Logo, Books,
  • Periodicals, Magazines,
  • Painting, Picture
  • Graphics and Sculpture
New Registration
  • Website,
  • Mobile App and Computer Program,
Changes of Records
  • Application for change in particulars of copyright already entered in the Register of Copyrights
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Our service package for copyright registration inclusion

  1. Consultation: Our Copyright Experts give on call consultation to client first to make him clear about the process of registration with authority and Documents requirement.
  2. Application Preparation: Our Copyright Expert prepare your application. We co-ordinate with you for all the copyright documents.
  3. Application Filing: As soon as your documents reached to us and your application is processed properly, our expert then file your copyright application online as well as physically as and where required to be filed along with fee.
    On successfully filed Dairy note ( acknowledgement no.) is issued to to you immediately. You can check your application updated status online.
  4. Registration: Once your application approved, Registration Certificate issued. This complete process takes atleast 2 to 3 months by department in normal course. We deliver Certificate to you immediately.