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AD code in Ennore Port is a unique 7-digit code assigned by the Reserve bank of India to every authorized branch of banks dealing with foreign exchange. The primary purpose behind AD code registration is to ensure that foreign currency transactions have been made from a legitimate source.

Ennore port, now called Kamarajar Port Limited is located in Chennai. Exporters must register the AD code with the customs at the Ennore Port to ship goods across borders. In case an exporter ships goods from more than one port, they must register for each port separately, even if the ports are in the same state.

A shipping bill is a mandatory document for customs clearance at the port, and an exporter can’t generate a shipping bill without an AD code. AD code and IEC Code are the 2 most important documents required for importing/exporting goods in India.

Read to know the benefits, document requirements and the entire process of obtaining and registering AD Code for Ennore Port.

AD Code ICEAGATE Certificate [Sample]

AD Code Registration on ICEGATE for Ennore Port

What is the AD Code?

AD code stands for Authorized Dealer’s code. It is a letter received from the bank mentioning the Authorized dealer’s code which is provided to each bank by the Reserve Bank of India.

Once you get this code, you need to register it with every port from where you plan to export goods. It is also called an AD code letter by the CHA(Customs House Agent)..

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Documents Required for AD code Registration

Documents Required for AD Code Registration for ennore Port

Once you receive the AD code on the bank’s authorization letter, You need to register it with the customs on the ICEGATE portal. The following documents are required to proceed with the application:

  1. AD Code letter on banker’s letterhead
  2. GST Registration Certificate
  3. Cancelled Cheque
  4. Importer Exporter Code(IEC) Certificate
  5. Company’s PAN(Personal Account Number)
  6. Board resolution (for company only)
  7. PAN/ Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport copy of Director or Partner or Proprietor
  8. Export house certificate(optional)

Our team of professionals will assist you in preparing the documents for the application.

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Benefits of AD code registration in Ennore Port

AD code registration helps you a lot in the journey of global business expansion. The benefits of an AD cod registration in Ennore Port are as follows:

1. Generating Shipping Bill on ICEGATE

A shipping bill is one of the three mandatory documents required for exporting goods abroad. Indian Customs EDI system won’t allow you to generate shipping bills on the ICEGATE portal without an AD code registration.

2. Lifetime Validity

AD code registration on a port is valid for a lifetime. You only need to pay a one-time fee, and the registration will be valid for a lifetime of that port.

3. Online Process

Earlier, the AD code registration was done at the ports, which took a lot of time, money and effort. Now, The entire process of bank AD code registration is online on the ICEGATE portal.

4. Counters Smuggling of goods

AD code helps in tracking any illegal source of foreign transactions and helps in reducing the Smuggling of prohibited goods which helps in boosting the economy of the country in the long run.

5. Helps Import-Export Business

Exporters can avail benefits from the DGFT, Exports Promotion Council and other government schemes. AD code allows multiple other benefits like duty rebates, tax returns and subsidies.

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AD code Registration Fees at Ennore Port

The application fee for AD code registration in Ennore Port is ₹2,999/- only. It is a one-time fee which has to be borne by the exporter.

Note- There is no government fee for AD code registration.

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AD code Registration process in Ennore Port

AD Code Registration Process for Ennore Port

The process of AD code registration on Icegate is executed in 4 steps:

  1. Documentation
  2. Application to the Icegate portal using organization-based class 3 DSC(Digital Signature Certificate)
  3. Following up with the concerned port for AD code registration
  4. Approval of AD code from customs

You can check if your AD code is registered on the Icegate portal or not by generating the shipping bill. If the shipping bill is generated, then your AD code is registered with that port.

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ICEGATE Registration Verification

Step 1: Click here to verify your ICEGATE ID. You will be directed to the panel below.

Step 2: Enter the PAN Number and Captcha code

Step 3: Click Submit.

Once you submit the details. You will get your ICEGATE ID.

ICEGATE ID can be used to avail multiple Services like Generating Shipping Bill, Document Tracking and Document filing.

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Professional utilities: Assisting you in AD code registration

Registering an AD code can be a difficult and time taking process. It is advised to seek an expert’s help to avoid complications and rejection of the application.

We are a team of professionals who provides AD code registration for your import-export business at the minimum price guaranteed. You can apply for the AD code registration for Exports with us in just three simple steps.

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Step 1:
Contact us

Step 2:
Provide all required documents

Step 3:
Get AD code certificate within 5 days

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Why Professional Utilities?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to register AD code on icegate?

AD code registration at designated ports is mandatory for exporters and importers for customs clearance. You are not allowed to export goods without AD code registration.

Why is AD code required?

AD code is required to generate shipping bill on icegate portal. A shipping bill is compulsory for importing and exporting of goods. AD code also allows you to receive payments in foreign currencies.

Who issues the AD code?

Reserve Bank of India issues the AD code to the Authorized branches of banks dealing in foreign currency transactions.

How do you get an AD code in Ennore Port?

You can get an AD code from the bank with which you have a current account. You need to send a request to the branch manager in a prescribed format to issue the AD code on the Bank letterhead. Once the AD code is issued, it is registered with the Ennore Port on the icegate portal.

Who is an Authorized Dealer(AD)?

Authorized Dealers are the branch of banks dealing in foreign currencies. RBI issued a code to the Authorized branches of banks which is called an AD code.

What is Port Registration?

Port registration is the registration of an AD code with the customs port where you intend to export goods. You need to register the AD code for each port separately, whether the ports are in the same state or a different state.


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