Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) Certification

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AEPC "Apparel Export Promotion Council" is a government body established to promote Indian apparel exports. AEPC aims to promote the Indian garment manufacturing textile industry both in domestic market as well as in foreign market.

An exporter of textiles must have AEPC e-RCMC to get the benefits of schemes under foreign trade policy. Such as access to market development assistance grants & schemes. Under AEPC, exporters can either be member exporters or apply as registered exporters of the council.

AEPC Certificate Sample

Gem & Jewellery export promotion council Sample

Objectives of AEPC

The AEPC has several goals, and it is easy to deduce what those goals will mean for the members.

The following is a list of some of the primary goals of the AEPC:

  • Implementing a method to Increase Apparel Exports.
  • Improve workforce skills and help improve quality.
  • Collaboration with the government in setting export targets, planning for the future, and forecasting economic conditions.
  • To facilitate exporters financially or technically, provide them with informative research data to boost exporters and the quality of their products.
  • All ready-made garments (except leather, jute, and woolen knitwear) are to be promoted, increased, & developed for export.
  • Maintaining efforts to inform business owners of market trends, product prices, government programs and subsidies.
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Eligibility for AEPC certification

Exporters who want to export garments can register as

  1. Registered exporter
  2. Member exporter

For Registered exporter

  • The applicant must be a registered firm under the companies act.
  • Applicants must have an Importer-exporter certificate issued by DGFT and also required a Digital signature certifcate DSC.
  • An applicant must be an undischarged insolvent, "which means they should be legally free from any kind of loan."

For member exporter

Along with the eligibility criteria of Registered Exporter, the applicant must also fulfill the following criteria:

  • The export performance of the exporter of at least up to 1 crore rupees for the last 3 consecutive financial years
Eligibility For Aepc
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Documents required for AEPC RCMC

These are the list of some obligatory documents that are required to be attested in order to apply for AEPC registration cum membership certifcate.

  1. Copy of the import-export code
  2. Self-attested copy of SSI in case Manufacturer exporter
  3. Undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper duly notarized
  4. Self-attested copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association in case of a company
  5. Certificate of incorporation /Partnership deed of the firm or company
  6. Certificate or Letter of Intent, Industrial License & acknowledgement issued by the concerned Authority duly self-attested

Documents to become an AEPC Member exporter

Along with the documents mentioned above for registering exporters, the following documents are required to become an AEPC member.

  • Registration cum Membership Certificate of Registered Exporter
  • The export turnover during the previous 3 Financial years was duly certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Banker.
Documents Required For Aepc
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Fees for AEPC registration certificate

The entrance fees for new AEPC registration is Rs. 1000, including (GST at 18%)

The annual subscription cost is Rs. 10500 plus including (GST at 18%)

Particulars FEES
Registration fee ₹1000+18% GST
Yearly subscription fee for registered exporter ₹10500+18% GST
Grand total for new AEPC registration ₹13570

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Renewal of AEPC certification

The registered members and exporters are required to renew their AEPC e-RCMC every year. The renewal cost for members and exporters are the same as the subscription.

If the applicant fails to renew their e-RCMC certificate, their registration will be canceled immediately.

Particulars Renewal validity
Validity of AEPC eRCMC 1 year
Note: AEPC e-RCMC shall be renewed by the 31st May each year.
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Process for AEPC certification

You can get your AEPC certificate in very simple steps with professional utilities.

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Step 1:Provide us with all the necessary details, documents and information

Step 2:Submission of fees

Step 3:Issuance of certificate or e-RCMC

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Benefits of AEPC certification

Benefits For Aepc
  1. GST facilitation: AEPC is facilitating GST-related issues of the exporters.
  2. Trade facilitation: To help exporters in addressing their problems, AEPC actively pursues exporters complaints that are brought up with customs, Icegate, DGFT, ECGC, and other organizations involved in exports and imports.
  3. Advisory for labor law: The Legal Advisor will also help registered exporters by giving them legal opinions and day-to-day advice & clarifications on all applicable labor and employment laws when needed.
  4. Market access initiative: Apparel exporters exhibit their best items at domestic & international exhibitions. This also helps identify international partners for up-scaling and technological upgradation and provides textile and apparel industry market intelligence.
  5. Access to seminars & workshops: AEPC is responsible for organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars relevant to the garment sector. Registered members can benefit from such events to expand their knowledge and network about the industry.
  6. Access Skill assessment cell: The Skill Assessment Cell (SAC) was set up with the main goal of driving skill assessment initiatives in the Apparel/Garment, Khadi, and Carpet sectors to create jobs, grow the economy, and improve society. The cell helps boost morale, improve the candidates' social standing, and turn the workforce into a certified skill pool.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Compulsory to obtain an RCMC certificate to export garments?

Registration cum membership certificate can help exports in terms of facilitation and getting the benefits of Foreign trade policies. Having an e-RCMC Certificate is beneficial for exporters of apparel.

How to apply online for AEPC e-RCMC registration?

You can apply for e-RCMC online with professional Utilities in 3 simple steps

  1. Provide documents
  2. Submission of application
  3. Issuance of e-RCMC
What kind of products are covered under AEPC?

Readymade garments are covered under the Apparel export promotion council.

Can I become a member exporter without becoming a registered exporter?

No, to become a member exporter of AEPC, applicants first need to apply as registered exporters.

Is the IEC certificate mandatory for the AEPC eRCMC certificate?

Yes, an Import-export certificate issued by DGFT is mandatory for all exporters and importers in India.

What is the renewal period of AEPC certification?

The registration is validfor one year & expires on the 1st of April of every year. That must be renewed before 31st May that year. If failed to renew the license on time then the RCMC will be cancelled by the concerning authorities.


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