GST Registration online :- All you need to know

Updated on March 06, 2024 07:57:09 AM

One of the fundamental requirements of any tax system is business identification for tax purposes or any other compliance which is done by registration of the Taxpayer. GST Registration online achieves the same purpose of identification of the business. Registration under GST gives unique identification numbers to businesses called GSTIN

GST Registration Online helps in collecting tax on the behalf of the government and to get input tax credit on his inward supplies. Without registration the company can not claim any input tax credit or tax paid nor can he collect tax from his customer.

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What is GST registration Online?

GST is a compulsory process of registration for businesses having turnover of Rs40 lakhs and above and turnover of 10 lakhs in hill stations and North eastern states. After registration businesses get a unique Tax Identification Number known as (GSTIN).

Operating without registering for the GST is a criminal offence and attracts heavy penalties.

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Eligibility criteria for GST registration Online

For efficient and effective functioning of the GST systems eligibility of the person plays an important role. Different eligibility criteria are mentioned below-

  • Under Good and Services Act 2017 business with turnover not exceeding 40 lakhs in terms of goods, 20 lakhs in terms of the service and 10 lakhs for the good supplier in hills station and north east.
  • Every Ecommerce aggregators
  • Non resident taxable individual
  • Input Service distributor and agent of supplier or individual acting as a distributor of the input service
  • Individual paying taxes or taxable under reverse charges mechanism.
  • Any business registered under Pre-GST Law(ie VAT,Excise,Service Tax etc)Any business registered under Pre-GST Law(ie VAT,Excise,Service Tax etc)
  • Any individual indulges in inter-state supply of taxable goods and services regardless of its turnover.
  • Individual taxable under section 37
  • Any individual database access or retrieval services and online information to a person in India from a place outside India instead of a registered taxable person.
  • Any individual or group of individuals notified by the central or state government as per GST council recommendation.
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Types of GST Registration

There are different types of the online GST registration-

  • Non-Resident taxable person - Individuals situated outside India come under Non-Resident taxable persons as they may supply service and provide goods as principal, agent, or in any other capacities. They can do so only after getting registered and are liable to pay an amount equal to GST. Registration online is active for 3 months but can be renewed.
  • Voluntary GST registration- Voluntary GST registration is getting registered on a voluntary basis. By getting voluntary registration businesses can issue tax invoices to buyers enabling them to take invoice credit, profit and business margin increase as they can take the tax credit and can have a better standing in terms of renting premises and getting a bank loan. Voluntary GST registration can be concealed anytime within one year.
  • Composition Registration - This scheme can be taken by the businesses having turnover below 1.5crores. Under this Registration fixed rate of interest is charged on the turnover. This is one of the simple schemes and reduces the hassle of the registration process.
  • Casual Taxable person - Under this registration, the taxpayer establishing a seasonal shop or stall is registered. This registration is valid for three months and pays a tax amount equal to GST Liability matching the active registration periods.
  • Compulsory Registration - For certain dealers GST is mandatory irrespective of the turnover like e-commerce seller, e - commerce operator, inter-state sales of taxable goods.
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Documents required for GST registration Online?

Businesses need different sets of documents depending upon the constitution of the business or the type of GST registration that they wish to obtain. There are different Depending upon types of registration and constitution of business.

Documents required for Company for GST registration online

  • PAN Card of directors
  • Company PAN Card
  • Memorandum or Article of Association
  • The Ministry of Corporate Affair incorporation certificate
  • Bank Detail
  • Aadhaar Card of Signatory
  • Appointment proof of the signatory
  • Address proof of the Business principle
  • Address of all the directors

Documents for sole proprietor

  • Bank account detail
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Address
  • Photograph
  • Aadhar Card

Hindu Undivided Family Documents

  • Bank Detail
  • Address proof of Business principle
  • HUF PAN Card
  • Karta’s PAN Card
  • Owner photograph

Document of Society or club for GST Registration online

  • Authorised letter signed by the signatory/authorised signatory.
  • Photograph of partners and promoters
  • A copy of society or club registration certificate
  • A copy of the passbook's first page/crossed cheque/bank account statement.

Partnership’s firm Documents

  • Bank account details*
  • Copy of partnership deed
  • Photograph of all partners and authorised signatories (in JPEG format, maximum size – 100 KB)
  • Address proof of principal place of business
  • Aadhar card of authorised signatory
  • Address proof of partners (Passport, driving licence, Voters identity card, Aadhar card etc.)
  • PAN card of all partners (including managing partner and authorized signatory)
  • Proof of appointment of authorized signatory
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Fee For GST Registration

GST registration charges for getting registered by using professional utility professional services is 1499/- for all taxpayers.

✅ Particulars Fees
✅ Hindu undivided family ( HUF) ₹1499/-
✅ Individual and sole proprietors
✅ LLP and partnership
✅ Pvt. Ltd and other companies

Note: The aformentioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

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Process of GST Registration Online

Different steps involved in registration of the GST that are followed by the eligible parties to register themselves under GST Act.

  • Filling an application - Filling of the application for registration under GST Act by generating TRN No. In this mobile number, PAN No.,email-address and place of registration at entered in GST REG-01 and these information is verified
  • Submission of Documents - In part-B of the REG-01 all documents need to be filled duly signed and verified with digital signature.
  • Application acknowledgement - All submitted documents are acknowledged in Form GST REG-02 electronically .
  • Verification and approval of GST application - In this stage form and document provided are verified by the officer, it takes 7 to 10 days for processing.

If the officer wants more information or more documents furnished with the form and If there is any deficiency then it is mentioned in FORM GST REG-03 under which show notice will be issued.

In form REG-04 applicant has to submit declaration and detail electronically within 7 days from the receipt of the notice.

In Form GST REG-05 if no explanation is received within 7 days and officer is not satisfied with the explanation then rejection of the application is electronically intimated in Form GST REG-06.

  • Issuance of GST certificate - Certificate of registration will be issued after verification in Form GST REG-06 and applicants will be assigned Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). Certificate of the Registration will be verified and signed by the officer under the Act through electronic certification code.
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Validity of the GST registration Certificate

The GST registration certificate remains valid until it is cancelled or surrendered. In case of casual dealers, GST registration remains valid for a maximum of 90 days which can be renewed and its validity can be extended.

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When application for the registration should be submitted

Business have to register on below mentioned dates - For Business - Within 30 days from date a person becomes liable to get registered.

For Non Resident Taxable persons and casual dealers - 5 days before starting of business

Transfer of going concern business - register on the date of transfer.

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Benefit of the GST registration Online

Many businesses have boosted their growth with the implementation of the GST and become successful. There are many benefits of GST registration as mentioned below -

  • Compliances are low - By getting GST registration businesses will have a lesser number of compliances as compared to the earlier tax regime.
  • Double Taxation - Businesses get relief from double taxation by registering themselves under GST as per the government's requirement.
  • Revenue of the government increases - Revenue generation prospects get increased for the government.
  • Recognition in the eyes of the law - Businesses who are registered under GST get legal recognition by the government as well as the public as suppliers of the goods.
  • Logistics Improve - Implementation of the GST has promoted the free flow of goods across different states and warehouses are settled in important cities only
  • Straightforward - Nowadays GST registration online is very easy which is beneficial for the startup preventing them from going from one place to another.
  • Tax Evasion is reduced - GST return will be filled only when it is correct. It will benefit the service provider as well as reduce tax evasion.
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Penalties for Non-compliance

Any Entity that exceeds the limit for GST registration becomes legally bound or taxable for obtaining registration under the GST Act. Carrying out the business without GST registration is a criminal offence and attracts major penalties.

A person will be liable to a penalty of 10000/- or 100% of the tax due whichever is higher.

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In India, the Goods and Services regime was implemented to build efficient tax systems and tax structures. It brought all taxes into one like value-added tax, luxury tax, service tax, entry tax, and octroi. There are benefits to applying GST online even if you are eligible or not eligible, get yourself GST registered Online and avail its several benefits.

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GST Registration in Other States

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Show Cause Notice?

Show cause Notice is formal notice under goods and services tax in India asking taxpayers to justify or explain inaction or particular action which is in violation of the GST Laws.Notice gives a chance to the taxpayer to provide evidence,explain their action or present an argument that show it is his fault or it was not intentional to violate.

Is the GST applicable on exported goods and services?

No, GST is not applicable on exported goods and services because goods and services which are exported are not consumed in India and GST is levied on consumption.

Is GST registration compulsory?

Yes when turnover of business exceeds specified threshold limit then they need to register.

What are the reasons for the delay in GST registration ?

There is some of the reasons which cause delay in the GST registration such as -

  • Aadhar is not linked with the mobile number.
  • Clarification notice is send to submit additional documents
  • Error in the documents like name mismatch.


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