Bed & Breakfast Registration in India - Process, Documents, Fees

Updated on April 15, 2024 10:37:07 AM

The scheme of bed & breakfast was launched by the ministry of tourism of India. This scheme is setting its feet in the tourism world rapidly as it's quite suitable for one night stay instead of booking a whole day room in a hotel. Go through the complete article to know more about the Bed & Breakfast Scheme.

The main goal is to offer both foreigners and local tourists a clean, affordable space, as well as the chance for international visitors to stay with an Indian family and experience Indian customs and traditions while savoring authentic Indian food.

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What is a Bed & Breakfast( B&B) Scheme?

B&B scheme or Bed & Breakfast is a scheme started by the ministry of tourism in India which means stay overnight, have breakfast in the morning, pay the bill & leave. The B&B likely to cost less and they provide various services such as a really nice room, a private bath, TV, Internet, a common area or lobby and a morning breakfast.

B&Bs are becoming more popular day by day. Hotels are great but for value, comfort, variety, amenities and local expertise, hotels cannot beat B&Bs. Staying at a B&B will provide you a new experience and you'll see why they have become so popular.

Bed Breakfast
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Documents Required for Bed & Breakfast Registration in India

The List of documents required for B&B registration are as follows:

  • Passport Size Photograph of Applicant
  • Identity Proof of Applicant
  • Proof Of Ownership
  • Proof of Residence of Applicant
  • Construction Year Verification Certificate
  • Photographs Of Kitchen, Main Gate, Washrooms, Rooms, Dining Room, Parking, etc.
  • NOCs from Fire Department
  • Police Verification
  • Self declaration by Applicant
  • Layout Plan of all Floors which are in possession of the Applicant
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*Whereas Normal Approval Process takes around 6-8 Months

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Application Format for Bed & Breakfast Registration

Application form for registering a B&B includes various details which need to be filed truly. If any false information is found, your B&B will be cancelled on the spot.

It is highly recommended to fill the accurate information with proper attention. You can also hire or take help from experts to fill your application. Consult with Professional Utilities Expert for easy and secure registration.

Application Format for Bed & Breakfast Registration:

  • Basic Information
  • Distance From
  • Detail Of B&B
  • Additional Details
  1. Name of your Bed & Breakfast
  2. Category applied for
  3. Name of owner
  4. Permanent Address of Owner
  5. Postal Address of Bed & Breakfast
  6. Telephone Number, Fax, Email & Mobile Number
  1. Airport
  2. Railway Station
  3. City Center
  4. Bus Stand
  5. Nearest Shopping Center
  1. Area (in sq.) of B&B
  2. Revenue Paper regarding ownership
  3. Affidavit in case of Co-sharer of house land
  4. Number of rooms area (in sq. ft.)
  5. Number of attached bathrooms
  6. Type of food to be provided
  7. Details of lobby, dining space, parking, etc (in sq. ft.)
  8. Details of fire fighting equipments or additional facilities if any
  1. Photographers of buildings including rooms, bathrooms, dining area, parking, etc.
  2. Detail of payment of application fee
  3. Checklist details as per annexure 2
  4. Consent of acceptance of the regulatory conditions.

Registration Process of Bed & Breakfast(B&B)

The registration Process of Bed & Breakfast(B&B) is as follows:

Step 1: Apply Online for B&B Registration

For registering a bed & breakfast(B&B), the first step is to register on the state website. Basic details such as name, address, DoB, mobile number, email, etc, are required to fill. After that OTP Authentication is required.

Step 2: Upload Documents

The next step is to upload all the required documents along with location details. These documents are important & required to be submitted carefully without any false information. You may need to hire a consultant for that.

Step 3: Submit Fee

After the submission of documents, a registration fee needs to be paid depending on the type of category you want to register either gold or silver.

Step 4: Track Status

Once the application is submitted, a number will be provided to track the application status. For Registration all the documents should be self attested by the applicant.

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Registration Fee For Bed & Breakfast(B&B)

The registration fee for Bed & Breakfast Registration starts from ₹27,999 in India. Consult with Professional Utilities to know about the professional fee.

Bed & Breakfast Star Category Registration Fee
Gold Category ₹5,000
Silver Category ₹3,000
Professional fee ₹24,999

Note: The aformentioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

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Government Guidelines For B&B Registration

bed and breakfast guideline

There are few Guidelines on which basis a B&B can be established in India. The application for B&B will be accepted if:

  • If the applicant or Owner resides with his/her family at the same property.
  • If there is a minimum one room with two beds and maximum six rooms with twelve beds.
  • If the type of food being served and charges will display in advance & visitors will be informed earlier.
  • If the establishment applies for re-classification, they should be ready for inspection anytime. Requests for deferment of inspection will not be accepted.
  • If the applicant is not the owner of the property, NOC is required by the Owner.
  • Requests for reclassification should be made before 3 months of the expiry date.
  • Cleanliness should be maintained
  • Tourism Development Corporation Officers have the right to visit during the registration process.
  • Applicant or Owner should maintain the list of visitors or guests including their Photo ID, Name, Address, Check-In & Check-Out Dates, etc.
  • One Feedback & Complaint Book Should be maintained to officials during the visits.
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Physical Inspection for B&B Registration

Before providing a permit to Bed & Breakfast, an inspection is completed to ensure the accurate information & maintenance of the area. This inspection is carried out after submitting documents by Tourism Development Corporation Officials. They have the right to visit and inspect the location during the registration process.

They inspect each and everything regarding Bed & Breakfast such as location, hospitality, ventilation, etc of the property. If the Tourism Development Corporation Officials found anything wrong or any false information provided by the applicant, they cancel the registration on the spot of that B&B. However, the applicant or owner of that property has the right to give an explanation of the situation.

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Grounds under which B&B establishment can be canceled

There are few points on which basis Bed & Breakfast can be canceled, they are as follow:

Providing False Information:

Information provided in the application must be true. If in case the information is false then the Bed & Breakfast’ license will be canceled.


If the visitor’s place is not properly maintained then the license will be canceled.

Lapse of Registration Period:

The renewal of B&B is compulsory after 2 years of registration. If B&B is not renewed within the time, the license will be canceled.

Illegal Activities:

If the place is used for illegal activities such as Prostitution, Drug supply, or any other unlawful activity, the license will be canceled as well strict actions will take place against the applicant or owner.

Bed Breakfast
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Bed and Breakfast encapsulate the essence of hospitality in a way that few other accommodations can. Their history, charm, and personal touch makes them a beloved choice for travelers who value authenticity, warmth, and a connection. In a fast-paced world, the timeless appeal of bed and breakfasts serves as a reminder that sometimes the best way to travel is to embrace the slower pace and immerse oneself in the local experience.

For registering your Bed & Breakfast you can consult with Professional Utilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B)?

A B&B is a cozy lodging establishment where guests stay in private rooms and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast, often hosted by the owners.

What is the Fee for Bed & Breakfast Registration?

The B&B Registration fee starts at ₹3,000 for Silver Category and ₹5,000 for Gold Category and ₹24,999 as professional fee in India.

What is the process of B&B Registration?

B&B Registration Process includes applying online for B&B Registration, uploading of documents, submitting fee & tracking Status.

Are B&B family friendly?

Yes, many B&Bs welcome families and provide family-oriented amenities and services.

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