How to raise incident on GeM portal against buyers

GeM Incident Management System?

The GeM government e-marketplace is a reliable platform. Since honest self-disclosure is crucial, strict automated processes to punish dishonest activity on the GeM platform are essential. Similarly, for GeM to be trusted by sellers to provide them with their best price and quality, good behaviour on the part of buyers is essential.

GOI has launched the GeM portal to promote participation on MSMEs in  procurement tender. The aim of the govt is to build environment for manufacturing sector in India.

However, sometimes many incident occur during or after the allotment of contracts. In such cases, buyers & sellers can raise complaints on the gem Incident management system. The system is designed to handle complaints and grievances regarding the gem vendors and participants.

What is the GeM incident management system?

The incident management system is an automated system that tries to build trust between buyers and sellers by punishing any illicit behaviour that happens during and after the procurement of contracts.

The system also helps identify and rectify issues to prevent any damage to buyers and sellers on the portal.

In this new GeM 3.0 update, the government of India has updated deviation to increase the reliability and transparency of the GeM.

Objectives of Incident management?

  • Enhance transparency, liability & communication among buyers & sellers
  • Enhance incident management and prioritize a solution-based approach
  • It ensures that processes and procedures are regularly updated for effective and speedy responses
  • Introducing an incident management system aims to make the gem platform safer and more trustworthy for buyers and sellers

Who can raise an Incident:

  1. Buyer on GeM
  2. Sellers or service providers
  3. GeM admin in case of post-contract incidents
  4. GeM portal in case of the rise of incidents by the Gem portal, the same procedure as indicated in the policy would be applicable

Reasons under which seller can raise incident against buyers:

  • If buyer delays in timely payment
  • Refusel of generating CARC after receiving the product or service
  • If buyer refuse to accept the product or service after placing an order
  • If buyer reject the product and service without producing any valid legal reason

How to raise an Incident on GeM portal against buyers

Step-1: Login to your GeM profile.

Step-2: Locate the need help section on the dashboard and click on it once the prompt is up click on “Report an Incident” & proceed.

Step-3: Now, locate “New option” tap and click on it to raise incident.
Step-4: Fill in the relevant details of the incident and provide relevant information and apply.

Areas of deviation identified by GeM:

Area of deviationsPre-contractPost-contract
During registrationIncorrect informationmisleading documents, Such as financial information fake credentialsNil
During listingsIrrelevant product or service listingInaccurate submission to mislead the buyersMisrepresentation about authorisationMismatch of quoted MRPFake or poor quality productsConflicting products or services
During tender processMisleading documentsunauthorized products & servicesviolation of integrityFraud behavior during tender processFail to complete contractsNon delivery or delaysPoor performance or sub standard servicesFails to provide additional required document after the allotment of project

Penalties for non-rectification incidents:

Types of IncidentsPenalties for non rectification
Serious incidentsSuspension of account for 30days for 1st time and 2nd time deviation within a period of 90 calendar days.
For 3rd and subsequent deviation, the Gem account will be suspended for 45days.
Severe incidentsFor 1st and 2nd deviation within the period of 120 calendar days, the account will be suspended for 45 days at least.
For 3rd and  subsequent deviation suspension of account can be as long as 60 days. Or the gem admin might recommend the ministry for strong action.
Grave incidentsSuspension of account can be as long as 60 days for 1st and 2nd incident within 180 calendar days.
For 3rd or subsequent incident suspension of account can be upto for  90days to 1year.
In many cases gem admin might recommend the vendor to ministry for legal actions for non rectification or grave violation of gem policy.

Closure of Incident:

  • Incidents can be closed by the concerned person (without escalating to Gem admin) who has raised it in the first place if the incident has been rectified.
  • GeM admin can also close the incidents once they are escalated. To close incidents.
  • Sellers can also close the incident from IM dashboard once the rectification is done by the buyers side.