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How to export agri food products from India

What are agri food products?

Agri-food products refer to products that are derived from agriculture or related to agriculture. They are typically grown on farms and include food items such as grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products.

Agri-food products also include value-added food products, such as processed foods, baked goods, and beverages made from agricultural products. These products undergo further processing, which adds value to the original agricultural product.

Overall, agri-food products play an essential role in feeding the world’s population. India being one of the biggest agri food exporters in the world has a lot of potential for growth for its exporters & the agriculture industry.

In this article we will briefly learn about the procedure and technicality of starting an agriculture food export business in India.

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Eligibility for exporters

Anyone can start the agri food produce business in India. To start an agriculture produce export business, all the exporters are required to fulfill these following criteria for their business.

  1. Exporters must have valid proof of their business such as Company incorporation certificate/partnership deed/ proprietorship registration.
  1. Exporters are also required to have a valid registration cum membership certificate such as in a case of agri food export, applicants are required to have RCMC from APEDA export promotion council.
  1. All the applicants are also required to have an import export code certificate in order to export agri products from India.
  1. Exporters need to acquire a valid FSSAI license or FSSAI registration respectively  for their food export business as per the guidelines of food safety and standard authority of india.

Purpose of obtaining licenses for exporters of agri food products

Agriculture export licenses are issued by governments to regulate and control the export of goods & products from one country to another. The purpose of an export license is not just to obtain export benefits from the government. But it also helps exporters to gain the trust of their importers in foreign markets. This is because having a valid license and certification from an authorized institution increases the credibility of the brand.

Obtaining an export license involves a rigorous process of obtaining permits, certifications, and complying with regulations set by the government. These regulations are put in place to ensure that exports are carried out in a legal and ethical manner, and that the products being exported meet certain quality standards.

Export license also helps to protect the importer by ensuring that the products being exported are not subject to any legal restrictions in the importing country. This helps to minimize the risk of any legal disputes or issues arising between the exporter and importer.

Documents required for exporters of agri food products

These are the list of obligatory documents required to start an agri produce export business in India. All the interested applicants are required to produce these documents to commence their business.

  • Incorporation certificate of business/firm
  • Import export code certificate
  • Fssai License/Registration
  • Details of applicants such as Aadhaar & PAN card details
  • Valid RCMC from export promotion council

How to get APEDA membership to start export of agri products from India?

Over the past years we have helped many entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses and getting all the legal mandatory registration from all the required authorities. With Professional Utilities you can start your agri food export business without any hassle and much paperwork.

just follow these simple steps:

  1. Documentation: Applicants are required to provide all necessary documents such as details of authorized signatory/director or partner respectively.
  1. Filling of application: Once all the documents are provided, the application will be filed with respective authorities and export promotion council for the issuance of certificate to the applicant.
  1. Submission of Fee: Applicants also required to pay the necessary fee at the time of filling of application with the respective board or council.
  1. Issuance of certificate: Once all the above procedure is duly completed, the council will verify all the documents and criteria before granting the registration cum membership certificate to the applicant. In case of agri food exporters APEDA will issue the RCMC for new members.


It is obligatory for the exporter of agricultural produce and its allied products to register their business with the respective council and  acquire various important licensing such as FSSAI certificate and IEC code. 

Complying with legal requirements, registering with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) can provide numerous benefits to the exporters. the exporter can access valuable market and research data, as well as receive guidance on export procedures and regulations.

APEDA offers various schemes and financial assistance to registered exporters to help them improve their production, packaging, and marketing capabilities, and expand their agri export business.

Frequently asked question

Do I need to take membership of APEDA as an export of agriculture products?

APEDA is an apex body that regulates the exports of agricultural produce and its allied products from India. And the exporter of such products are required to have RCMC from APEDA.

How to become a member of APEDA?

To become an active member of APEDA. applicants are required to obtain a registration cum membership certificate from the respective export council. All the agri food exporters are required to file for an RCMC with the APEDA council.

You can file your application with Professional Utilities in just 3 simple steps.

  • Provide documents & details
  • Filling of application & submission of Fee
  • Issuance of registration cum membership certificate

What does IEC stand for?

IEC is an acronym for Import export code issued by DGFT to the importers and exports in India. IEC is a  prerequisite for all the exporters and importers in the country.

What is the fee for APEDA RCMC membership registration?

The cost of membership registration is 5,900 INR including 18% GST on it.