How to apply for Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal?

GeM Vendor Assessment is carried out by the Quality Council of India (QCI) to evaluate sellers’ credentials and quality standards on the GeM portal.

Here’s how you can apply for OEM Vendor Assessment on GeM:

1. Open and click on ‘Login.’

2. Enter User ID, the Captcha text, and click ‘Submit.’

3. Enter your Password and click on ‘Submit’ to proceed.

4. After logging in, click on your ‘Username,’ and from the dropdown menu, click on ‘My Account’ to proceed further.

5. Under the “My Actions” tab, select ‘Vendor Assessments.’

You would see two options on the screen – “Assessments” and “Assessment Exemptions.”

If you fall in any Exemption categories, you will proceed with the “Assessment Exemptions” tab.

If you do not fall into any of the Exemption categories, you will proceed with the “Assessments” tab.

6. To generate a new Vendor Assessment request, click on ‘Create New Assessment.’

Seller Profile Details

Sellers have the option to apply for Vendor Assessment as Manufacturers/OEMs or as Resellers. They can choose accordingly. 

1. Select the format type and click on ‘Initiate Vendor Assessment.’

2. A pre-filled form with seller profile information will open. Fill in the additional mobile number and email. Then, click on ‘Save & Proceed.’

3. The bank details are also auto-fetched by the system. Click on ‘Proceed.’

4. Now, the seller is required to add the category details to be verified. Select your product category.

Note: Please select the category carefully after confirming the technical specifications from the category available on the GeM portal for your product.

You can also upload a copy of documents like a Trademark registration certificate.

To list more product categories, click on “Add Rows.”

5. After filling in the category details, click on “Save & Proceed.”

6. Financial details are auto-fetched by the system. Click ‘Proceed.’

7. Now, the seller is required to pay the Vendor Assessment fees. Click on ‘Proceed to Pay.’

8. Fill in your payment details and click on ‘Make Payment’ to proceed.

Once the application for Vendor Assessment is completed in the portal and payment is made, QCI will contact the seller for further proceedings.

The Vendor Assessment is assigned to QCI with a unique assessment number and visible in the seller’s Vendor Assessment Panel on GeM.

QCI will initiate the assessment by sending an email to the seller’s registered email ID from detailing the process of assessment along with login credentials and updating the status as pass/fail of assessment after completing the Vendor Assessment as per the current process by digitally sending the parameters of the report and a PDF link of the report for the seller.

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