10 Food Business Ideas with Higher Success Rate in 2021 – Professional Utilities

If you think that the food business only includes the typical dine-in restaurants. Then you should wake up! 

It is 2021.

There are so many new types of food businesses out there that we can’t even cover all of them. Food Business is one of the sun-rising sectors which is booming all over the world. It is an evergreen business with a high demand throughout the year.

Food business not solely contains food preparation but also includes manufacturing, processing, packaging, and delivery of it as well.

We are only going to provide you with some of the best food business ideas that can really work in 2021 for you. So without wasting any more time just revolving around the types of food business, it’s time to get a dip into 10 of the Best Food Business Ideas in 2021.

  1. Home Tiffin Business
  2. Pastry Shop or Bakery Business
  3. Food Franchising Business
  4. Food Delivery Business
  5. Food Truck Business
  6. Open a Traditional Restaurant
  7. Ice-cream Parlour
  8. Food Catering Business
  9. Sweet Corner Shop
  10. Food Blogging/Vlogging

#1: Home Tiffin Business

Home tiffin business or commonly called ‘Dabba Service’ is one of the most commonly seen services in the office premises. Most of the working professionals are so busy with their daily schedules that they don’t get time to prepare their lunch. People living away from the family tend to use this service more often. 

This could be a very good start for all household ladies and passionate chefs. The busy schedules of people nowadays force them to have junk foods which affect their health. With the education and awareness in the society related to health and fitness, now people are much more inclined towards healthy eating. 

Their tight schedule doesn’t allow them to enjoy the homemade tasty and delicious food at their lunchtimes. But with the home-tiffin business, the gap between the demand and supply can be filled. Office premise persons, college students, and senior citizens are only a few among the long list of potential customers.

Next on our list is one of the trendiest businesses related to food that you might have encountered on social media.

#2: Pastry Shop or Bakery Business

With personalized and decorative styling in the baking of cake, this business has generated much more revenue than normal and defined food businesses. But before starting with the benefits and scope of the bakery business in India, first, there is a need to understand the meaning of the bakery business. Some underestimate it and relate to cakes and pastry only. But that’s not the complete justification for this. In reality, Bakery/Pastry shops even contain a cake, biscuits, bread, and other related items as well. These are some of the daily-used items which could generate a huge business.

For all those who have a passion for baking and creativity, this fusion can very well suit this business. And as said it doesn’t only contain cake baking, others like cookies, biscuits are also a part of this business which can work in your favor if you decide to go on with this.

#3: Food Franchising Business

And if you neither have any cooking skills nor have any planning or idea for your own food startup, then my friend, how about trying a food franchising business?

Many of the world’s largest and well-known franchise companies, such as McDonald’s, Yum Brands, Baskin Robbins, and Subway already have a visible presence in India. Other US companies, from diverse industry sectors, are now gaining a foothold too. So a Food Franchising Business can prove to be a good start in the food business industry in 2021.

The profit food franchising can bring you is very high. One advantage could be the lower investment it needs in marketing as well. 

Have a thought on this if you are not able to come up with any idea of starting something from scratch.

#4: Food Delivery Business

It would not be completely wrong if we say, the food delivery business has traced a new path in the food business industry. This new trend of food business, now even is ruling the market. 

Factors that are propelling India’s online delivery market are changing lifestyle and eating habits. Hectic schedule and growing disposable income in India push people towards ready-to-eat food at a cheaper rate.

Especially in India during the pandemic, the food delivery industry has got a sudden pace in their growth. With more refinement in the process, now we can even expect our favorite dish from the best restaurant in the city that too within 30 minutes knocking at the door. The statistical data also made us believe that this industry has taken an upward track and not changing it at least for a good period of time.

So with proper planning, and strategy in mind, you can definitely give it a try. But keep in mind these two words – Proper Planning and Strategy are the keys to success in the business.

If you are bored with all the existing business models related to food and want something exciting each and every day. Then the very next on the list is waiting for you.

#5: Food Truck Business

Got bored with the idea of having a fixed place of business, how about a business on the wheels?

With low investments and minimal risks involved, Food Trucks are now becoming the popular choice for opening a restaurant business, especially for first-time restaurateurs. The future of the food truck industry seems bright with its projected revenue growth at a rate of 3.7% in the next five years. It not only requires lower initial investments and operating costs but also attracts more and more customers as well.

Food trucks are also regarded as the mobile version of the restaurant business. A food truck can move to any place where the customers are more likely to be located. This makes it one of the coolest ideas in the food business. 

#6: Open a Traditional Restaurant

You might be quite confused while looking at this option under this list. Like in the starting we ourselves have mentioned that there are other options out there also apart from traditional dine-in restaurants. 

But we also can’t deny the fact that these new types of food businesses can never take the place of traditional restaurant-type businesses. However, the trend of go-to food or fast foods is right in the air. But we also know that there still are people who will choose a traditional sitting and good ambience over other food businesses in India every time.

The traditional restaurant is quite complex to predict in the year 2021, mainly due to the pandemic. But if you have any creative and out-of-the-box ideas for your restaurant, then things may work positively for you. Keep one thing in mind always, a good business is not only successful by its food, the ambience, and overall experience are the things that contribute to them.

Have you also wondered in wedding ceremonies especially during winters, what does this ice-cream stall doing there? Like who is going to have those during such a bitterly cold winter?

Well, your answer to this question lies in the next food business type on our list.

#7: Ice-cream Parlour

Starting an ice cream parlor business is never a bad idea. It has a huge market demand in India. People even prefer or better say mostly prefer ice-creams in winter as compared to summers. So ice-cream parlour can never go out of demand. 

In terms of value and numbers, the market has been increasing its total turnover every year with a great feat. The Ice Cream Market alone segments around 3000 Crore Rupees of Market value so far. And surprisingly, over the last 5 years, the growth percentage of the Ice Cream Industry has been more than around 19.5% a year.  

Comment down below if you are also one of those who prefer ice-creams even in winters.

#8: Food Catering Business

Now comes the big fish i.e. food catering business. You probably have seen their presence all across the country. Be it wedding ceremonies, railways, aviation, schools, and others also. The government schools in India are the most common instances of food catering businesses. 

The food catering industry is a well-organized industry. In India, the food catering company is a relatively undervalued industry that most of us overlook, despite the fact that it is profitable in the current economic climate.

The food catering industry in India is said to yield an average annual growth of 25-30%. Therefore, if you have any catering business ideas up in your sleeves; it’s time to bring them to light.

#9: Sweet Corner Shop

You may yourself have noticed local shops which serve delicious sweets at every corner of the street. Even big names like Haldiram, Aggarwal’s are some of the well-known sweet corner shops. The demand for sweets in India is never-ending. India is full of festivals and festive seasons, we all prefer sweets on every occasion.

A number of luxury mithai makers in India have stepped onto the scene, taking basics such as besan laddoo, khoya barfi, Kaju katli at a much higher level by introducing variants like 24-carat gold varq Pistachio Laddoo, Caramel Pedha, and Besan Truffle.

#10: Food Blogging/Vlogging

In recent years, the blogging or vlogging industry has experienced a huge boom. Subjects such as fashion, lifestyle, food, and technology blogs and vlogs are booming on social media, with many successful bloggers taking it up as a full-fledged profession. Food Blogging/Vlogging, which was limited to a niche, is now expanding worldwide.

If you’re a big-time foodie who drools over scrumptious food and clicks the best pictures or video of an aesthetically delicious plate at your favorite food joint, you technically have the capacity to be a food blogger & vlogger. Whether it’s an off-beat recipe that you make or a unique way to share your eating experience, or your review of a popular eatery that helped others, it all paves the way for you to step into the food business industry.

Our Thoughts

In this article, we have covered the different types of food business ideas that you can opt out of for your business. If you are excited and curious to know how you can start with any of the ideas then there is another post waiting for you explaining how to start a food business in 2021.

If we try to give our opinion on which one should you go with, then it basically depends on what age group you are in and how much resources and time you have. 

Suggestions for a household lady, a passionate chef, and a first-time entrepreneur would be the home tiffin business, food truck business, and bakery or pastry shop. The reason for this is quite simple, the lower investments it needs and higher return rate it could bring, give justification to our answer.

For those who are into serious business with a more focussed aim on profit and growth, the food delivery business, traditional dine-in restaurant, food catering, and sweet corner shop could be great choices for them. Here we can justify this by observing the growth and future of these businesses. Like these businesses are more likely to have their service in more than one place or city. 

For a student who is planning to enter into the food business industry, get your hands on food blogging or vlogging. This can help you also get insights into the business industries and let you explore different types of businesses yourself at a minimal cost.

So finally you are familiarised with all such food business ideas available and successful in 2021. But it would be unfair if we only show you one side of the coin. The other side of the food business industry states that 60% of the food businesses get closed in the first year of their operation. 

Such a huge percentage!

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Rim John

A well-said quote. Having proper planning, investment, and other relevant decisions related to your business is the key to beat this statistical data. Additionally, your dedication and motivation will help you survive the tough times.