How to recover suspended GeM account

How to reactivate gem account after suspension:-

GeM is a trust-based system due to the necessity of self-declaration, the GeM platform necessitates robust automated processes to punish any deviant conduct. Similarly, good buyer conduct is essential to instil seller confidence in GeM’s ability to offer the best price and quality.

Nevertheless, numerous deviations may occur during or after contract allocation. In such instances, buyers & sellers can file complaints regarding the discrepancy. The purpose is to handle complaints & grievances regarding GeM vendors and its participants.

In this article, we will briefly learn about the necessary steps to prevent your gem profile from suspension on the portal and what measures the seller should take after suspension.

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What is the GeM incident management system?

GeM Incident management system is a mechanism developed to contain complaints and grievances transparently. Incidents on GeM can be filed by both buyers and sellers and both parties are obliged to follow the process to closure. The IM system was introduced in the GeM 3.0 update of the portal.

Objectives of Incident management?

  • Strengthen incident management & prioritize a solution-based approach
  • To enhance transparency, liability & communication among buyers & sellers
  • It ensures that processes & procedures are regularly updated for effective and speedy responses
  • The incident management system aims to make the gem platform safer & more trustworthy for buyers & sellers

Who can raise an Incident:-

  1. Buyer on GeM
  2. Sellers or service providers
  3. GeM admin in case of post-contract incidents
  4. GeM portal in case of the rise of incidents by the Gem portal, the same procedure as indicated in the policy would be applicable

Types of deviation under which account can be deactivated?

GeM classified deviation into the following types:-

  1. Mild deviation:-GeM defines mild deviations as minor documentation errors and mistakes in the categorization of goods and services, with a limit of two such deviations every rolling 30-day period.
  2. Serious deviation:-Deviation is when either the buyer or the seller purposefully misrepresents the quotation or the policies. Data duplication and failed delivery of goods and services are included in this category as well. 

To rectify such deviations, said parties will be given 15 days to rectify the deviation if the deviation still needs to be rectified within the stipulated time. Then the GeM administrator will post a “show cause” notification on the user’s dashboard, asking for a response within the next 7 business days.

  1. Severe deviation:- As per the described rules by GeM causes of severe deviation can be as follows:-
  • Deceiving MRP
  • Fake documentation
  • Violation of guidelines of the GeM
  • Not complying with the rules of the contract after the allocation
  • Withdrawal or any modification in the bid within the validity period

Anyone in violation will be given 7 days to make amends. A notification will be sent to the user’s control panel by the gem admin.

  1. Grave deviation:- The Grave incidents harm the GeM platform’s reputation/credibility. The violators will be asked to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

If the buyer/seller fails to correct the deviation, the reporter of the incident can escalate the incident to the gem admin, & an auto show-cause notice will be automatically sent to violators.

How to appeal on the gem portal to prevent suspension of GeM accounts.

Step-1:- Login into your GeM account using your registered username & password.

Step 2:- Once logged into an account, locate the “Need help” section and click to proceed further.

Step 3:- Once the prompt section is open navigate to the “report an incident” tab and click to proceed.

Step-4:- Now, a new prompt window will open up on the left-hand side. Where you can see a list of incidents that need to be rectified or closed.

  • Click on the active incident and navigate to the response section.
  • File a brief detail regarding the issue and provide supportive documents/attachments against the incident
  • Sellers & buyers can also rectify GeM incidents through mutual understanding. You can navigate to the mutual resolution section “it is advisable to directly contact the buyer/seller to form mutual understanding” before filing for rectification through mutual resolution on the IM dashboard.

Note:- If the GeM admin finds your appeal valid & genuine then the incident will be closed by the GeM admin. If there is any inconsistency the account will be withheld from the watchlist or might get suspended as per the rules of GeM.

However, once the account is suspended it will remain suspended until the cooldown period.

Provision for appeal

  • Sellers or service providers can only appeal after the imposition of penalties
  • They must be made within 10 calendar days of the imposition of penalties
  • The APPEAL provision for sellers and service providers will be available only once per incident
  • The APPEAL process is only accessible if new, relevant evidence emerges since the GeM Competent Authority made the decision
  • The status of Seller/SP will not change during the period of consideration of APPEAL

Closure of Incident:

  • Incidents can be closed by the concerned person (without escalating to Gem admin) who has raised it in the first place if the incident has been rectified.
  • GeM admin can also close the incidents once they are escalated. To close incidents, sellers/service providers must submit the required information regarding rectifying deviations in the incident management system.
  • GeM Admin can close the incident after the escalation by “Buyer” in cases where Seller & service provider fulfils the cause deviation & the Buyer also confirms the same on the dashboard (with supporting documents where required) after availing the opportunity to rectify the deviation.