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GEM Registration In India

GEM Registration


GEM stands for Government E-Marketplace which is an online portal that makes it easy for acquiring of goods and services necessary in different government departments, organizations and public sector undertakings in India. Government E-Marketplace has been introduced to increase transparency in government purchases, fasten the procedure of procurement and improve competence. The GEM portal was formed on the recommendation of a group of secretaries to the central government. Director-General of Supplies and Disposal along with the National e-Governance Division which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and IT are behind the creation and flagging off of GEM. The pilot phase of the GEM portal was only made open for Central Government Departments and CPSU’s having base in Delhi and NCR. After getting feedback and a lot of comprehensive study from this pilot move GEM was rolled out in other parts of India. Ministry of Finance has authorized government users to make purchases through Gem and have added new rules regarding the same as 141-A in the General Financial Rules,2005. If you want to participate in government E tenders then having a registration on GEM is required which we at can assist you with. We will guide you through the process of registering as a seller on the Government E-Marketplace in this article.

Products and Services sold on Gem

Office Equipment


1. Printers

2. Pass Book

3. Smart card

4. Bar Code Scanners

5. Scanners

6. Cartridges


1. Desktop

2. Laptops

3. Tablets

4. Computer Accessories like Mouse, Keyboards, External Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Pen Drive, Power Bank.


1. A4 (210mm X 297mm)

2. Note Sheets

3. Note Books

4. Air Conditioner

5. Multi-Media Projectors

6. UPS (Line Interactive and on-line)

7. Packaged drinking water

Purchases made from Gem

Authorized council of Central Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, State Government Departments and Autonomous bodies can make a purchase through the Gem or Government E-Marketplace. Government Officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and equivalent are authorized by the Director-General of Supplies and Disposal for purchasing through GeM. These authorized officers can further authorize other officers internally in their respective departments to purchase on the Government Marketplace portal. The following details are required for a Government officer to be registered as a buyer on the Gem:

  • AADHAR Number
  • Mobile number
  • Official or NIC email
  • Class 3 Signature Certificate
  • Authorization of competent authority of their Department

Purchasing Powers of Government Officers

An authorized officer who is making an order of purchase up to Rs. 50000/- is permitted to purchase a product through any of the suppliers available on the GeM, provided they meet the required quality, specification and delivery period. For purchase above Rs.50, 000, the Government office has to choose the supplier who has the least pricing amongst the suppliers available on the GeM, provided they meet the requisite quality, specification and delivery period. Purchasers can use online tools for online bidding and online reverse auction which have been provided by GeM.

Registration of Seller

Any sellers who produce or markets authentic products or carry out services can register themselves as a seller on the Government E-Marketplace. Following documents have to be provided by the sellers on the Government E-Marketplace:

  • Udyog Adhaar or Company Registration or LLP Registration
  • VAT/TIN Number (if applicable)
  • Bank Account & supporting KYC documents
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Canceled cheque copy

Procedure for Registration

To be a seller on the Government E-Marketplace, one has to register a business as a manufactures or traders or service provider. The registration process is simple and a GeM user ID with a password is given to the seller to access the account. Through this GeM account, the seller/service provider can list the products and services offered by them along with the respective price. The price of the product/ service can be set by the seller according to his cost. But it is important to keep in mind that the price set on GeM should include the cost for logistics, packing & taxes, duties, etc. along with a suitable margin, indicating the percentage of Excise Duty, GST as applicable with on-site delivery charges.

Order Management

Once the seller registration is completed, the seller will start getting orders through the seller dashboard on GeM. As soon as a customer places an order, GeM shoots an e-mail alert. These orders can be managed by the seller through the GeM portal itself. After

receiving the order, the seller has the responsibility of packing the item and doing the delivery to the buyer on-time. The safety of delivery to the consignee is the responsibility of the seller.

Payment Settlement

Sellers bank account will directly get the payments for the goods or services purchased through the Government E-Marketplace within 10 days after receipt and acceptance of the goods or services or after the expiry of 10 days time prescribed for return policy.

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace

Before GeM came into existence most of the SME’s and start-ups in India were not able to sell to the Government of India who is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the country by spending lakhs and crores on purchases. This hurdle was because of the cumbersome procedures and delays in payment. The Government E-Marketplace or GeM has disrupted that system and introduced a clean and efficient mechanism for Government purchases. Therefore more sellers can get registered on the Government E-Marketplace and make the Government a customer. The following are some other benefits of being a seller on the Government E-Marketplace:

  • Direct access to all Government departments.
  • One-stop marketing place with minimum marketing attempt.
  • All government tenders will come to one place and there is no need to keep watch for tenders of different departments. Once you have registered as a seller, the concerned departments would themselves approach you.
  • No need to do product and model registration.
  • Products accepted against supplier’s guarantee/warrantee and usually free from standard consignment check testing and assessment procedures.
  • The seller does not have to customize his products or services to given specifications. You can market your product with all the characteristics defined by you. Renew and improve products as soon and as many times as you find it essential.

  • Dynamic pricing is there which means the price can be changed based on market conditions and there has to be no fixed price for the whole year. There is no need to worry about fluctuating raw material prices or exchange rate variations.
  • The seller does not have to keep on doing model up-gradation or changes. Once the latest products are listed one just has to market them based on descriptions and competitive prices.
  • Get complete information of all Govt. requirements through Annual Procurement Plans.
  • There is a guarantee of timely payments.
  • Uniform and consistent purchase procedures and terms and conditions of the contract.

The GeM registration process is quite straightforward, involving the following six simple steps

You need to provide the essential details and information about your business to the web portal.

Then, discuss with our expert advisors on how to get GeM Registration to ensure you obtain it in a hassle-free way.

We have qualified professionals who will assess and verify the validity of your documents and business details.

Once all the details are vetted and verified by our experts, we will file the GeM Registration on your behalf.

Following this, you will get a call from a government authorized agency for inspecting your place of business.

Successful completion of the inspection of your business place, you may start selling your products & services on the GeM portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  How to use the GEM portal?

To use the GEM portal, the applicant needs to first register on the GeM portal. The requirements for same are:
1. Aadhaar linked with mobile no. (To receive OTP for e-sign):
2. Official Email ID

 Is it mandatory to have an Aadhar number for GeM registration?

Aadhaar number is mandatory for registering on GeM for primary as well as secondary users. All the documents submitted online on GeM are electronically signed by an OTP received on mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

 Who is termed as the secondary GeM user?

Secondary users can be an officer from the concerned organization. The secondary user has to be of the rank section officer or above.

 Can the same person be a primary and secondary user?

No, the same person can be both the users.

  How to Obtain GeM Registration?

The pre-requisites are as follows:

  1. Director PAN Card
  2. Company PAN Card (Only for Private/Partnership Firm)
  3. Director Aadhar Card
  4. Email ID
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Bank Details
  7. GST Certificate
  8. CIN Number (Only for Private Limited Firm)
  9. ITR Form

 What products and services can you sell on the GeM Portal?

Currently, many products such as computers, office equipment, including printers, scanners, photocopiers, and more, air conditioners, paper, and similar stationery, packaged drinking water, projectors, UPS are selling on Government E-Marketplace.

 What is the Procedure for Order Management on the GeM Portal?

After obtaining GeM government seller registration, you will start getting orders via the dashboard for sellers. Wherever a customer places a request for any product, you will receive an e-mail alert. You can manage all the orders using the portal. It is your responsibility to pack the item correctly and deliver it to the respective buyer on-time.

 Is item posting on GeM Portal obligatory?

GeM is an e-commerce platform where products and services can be offered to government purchasers when products and services are added appropriately. You should transfer item pictures, item determinations, offer price, conveyance terms, assessment, and test reports, and so forth so as to sell your items on GeM gateway. Our experts can assist you with posting your items and products and services appropriately.

 How much time will it take to get my trademark registered?

Trademark Registration is a lengthy process and it takes around 18-24 months to obtain registration in a straight-forward case, without any objections or oppositions. However, the trademark application number is usually issued within one or 2 days after filing.

 How to find out about government tender requirements?

It is mandatory for all Departments of the Central Government, and Government Ministries to publish their tender requests and other requirement details on the Government eMarketplace portal before purchasing anything if their order value is more than 5 Lacs. You may get access to all the tender requirements across India via GeM portal.

 What is the Purchasing Power of Government Officers?

An authorized officer can make a direct purchase up to Rs. 25,000 from the suppliers who meet the quality, delivery period, and other specific requirements. Above Rs.25,001/ – and up to Rs.5,00,000/ buyer have to buy from L1 seller. For any purchase above Rs. 5,00,000, they are required to choose the BID/RA option.

 How are payment settled on GeM?

Payment for the services or goods purchased via the Government E-marketplace is directly made to the seller’s bank account through online banking. The transaction gets completed within ten days after the delivery and acceptance of the goods or services or after ten days prescribed for return policy.

 Do i need to present at your office for GeM Registration?

No, You don’t should be truly present for the procedure, the whole process will be online after submitting your documents.

  I forgot my password to access GeM portal, how can I reset it?

Please follow following steps to reset your password on GeM portal:
1. Kindly visit and click on Login,
2. Click on "Forgot your Password" link,
3. Enter your User Id, kindly note that User Id is case sensitive,
4. Type the Characters displayed in the captcha box, press SUBMIT,
5. An E-mail will be sent to your registered E-mail ID with link to Reset password,
6. Click on Reset Link in your E-mail, and Enter new password and confirm the same, Press SUBMIT.
Kindly note that your Password must be of 8-20 characters- 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, number, and a special character.

 I am a new buyer and wish to learn more about procurement process on GeM?

Aadhaar number is mandatory for registering on GeM for primary as well as secondary users. All the documents submitted online on GeM are electronically signed by an OTP received on mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

 Why am I unable to see the seller's name in market, while searching a product on GeM?

In order to aviod biases in selection of seller, for a particular purchase, seller's name is no longer disclosed on GeM until the Buyer makes a purchase decision.

 What could be the reason for variation in prices between GeM and other Marketplaces ?

The variation in retail price and GeM Price of a product could be due to under mentioned factors.
1. The price offering on GeM are inclusive of all taxes.
2. Product on GeM may have a different warranty period.
3. Onsite warranty is offered for some products on GeM.
4. Prices could also vary due to Payment Terms of the transaction.

 Is PAC option available for purchase through OEMs only or Resellers can also participate?

Yes, PAC purchase can be done from OEMs and Resellers both.

 What are the minimum delivery days during direct purchase?

The minimum and maximum number of delivery day(s) may vary, specific to the product and service category.

 When would the Buyer claim concession on GST?

The Buyer would specify the concessional rate of GST while publishing the Bid. The concessional rate of GST, the relevant govt notification number and date would be mentioned in Bid Terms and conditions.

 Where can a buyer find the innovative Startup products/services?

Buyers can view the list of shortlisted innovative products/services on Startup Runway corner and can request the same for Trial.

 What's the grievance redressal mechanism on GeM?

In case of any grievance related to deviation / concern related to sellers, buyer can raise an Incident. Kindly refer to "Incident" tab under FAQ for more details.

 How can I request for Change in specification of existing category?

Buyers can request for changes in existing category from Request Management available in their Dashboard. All such requests would be evaluated by GeM.

 How can I get the funds from the previous financial year unblocked in PFMS?

As per government rules the balance budget allocation of previous financial year would get lapsed in PFMS on 31st March and payment is to be made from current financial year‘s budget.

 How can a primary user deactivate a secondary user?

Primary user can de-activate a secondary user by clicking on the "Deactive/Transfer" button available beside that particular secondary user under "Manage Posts".

 What are the pre-requisites for secondary user registration?

The pre-requisites for secondary user registration are:
1. Aadhaar number of the user.
2. Mobile number which is linked with Aadhaar.
3. Email ids register with such domain based email ids, which are hosted by NIC.
Note: Only NIC Registered email ids are allowed ( Secondary users of an organization should be either of the same domain or email id ending with".
For Example:- If primary user having a "" domain which is hosted on NIC, for secondary users "", & domains are allowed but it should be register at NIC.

 What details of the secondary user can a primary user edit?

A primary user can edit designation, division and roles of a secondary user after clicking on "Manage Post" button.

  I am a new seller and wish to learn more about selling process on GeM?

On GeM, we are commited to make your journey easy and effective. Multiple resources are available for your better understanding in different formats e.g. Videos / PDF files / FAQs and LMS.
Detailed instructions are available in the form of Video Guides on GeM portal. Kindly refer to different aspects of seller process on Seller Videos . You can additionally download help PDFs from top-right corner of video window of any subject. Apart from Hindi and English. We are extending the resources availability in multiple Indian Languages.

 Why the Seller has to offer a minimum discount on MRP to get a product listed on GeM?

For better Price reasonability across all categories, GeM mandates a minimum discount on MRP during product listing. Therefore, the Seller(s) are required to offer minimum discount on the product(s).

 What's the grievance redressal mechanism on GeM?

GeM is commited for providing a fair play field for all the sellers. In case of any grievance related to deviation / concern related to buyers / sellers one can raise an Incident. Kindly refer to "Incident" tab under FAQ for more details.

 What is Startup Runway?

It is a corner on GeM which provides an opportunity for agile and lean Startups to reach out to government buyers by offering products and services that are unique in concept, design, process and functionality through StartUp Runway corner.

 How can a startup register its innovative product/service on Startup Runway?

Startup can register its innovative or unique in concept product/service on StartUp Runway by uploading the details in the Startup India Registration. The seller should be DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) registered startup.

 How is vendor rating calculated?

Vendor rating is calculated on the basis of five Parameters as defined in the Vendor Rating Policy. The Five Parameters are:
1) Reliability of the Seller/Service Provider
2)Quality of the Delivery
3) Coverage of the Products in GeM Marketplace
4) Timely Delivery of Products/Services
5) Incident History
To know more, please refer the vendor rating document available on GeM under 'Resources->Sellers/service providers'

 Does my Incident History have any impact on my vendor Rating?

Yes, the Incident history of Suspended & Disabled Sellers/Service Provider would negatively impact the Vendor rating . Please refer the Vendor rating document for more details

 To whom is the vendor rating displayed?

The Vendor rating is displayed to the Buyers & Sellers on GeM Marketplace.

 How does Business Cockpit work?

Business Cockpit offers a range of value added services to the OEMs on GeM related to the statistics and insights of their categories. Business Cockpit enables businesses to get deeper insights like value and volume of the business, re-seller data, Buyer information, coverage analysis etc.

 What should I do, when "Key Person" validation fails?

"Key Person" validation fails, when user's "Aadhaar Name" & "Name of Authorized person in the Income Tax Return(ITR)"are different e.g. If "Aadhaar Name" used during registration is Mr. A and Company/ Firm ITR signing Authority's Name is Mr. B, then validation will fail. As per GEM rules, both names should be same.

 What should I do in case I get error of Office Locations' mismatch?

Your Office Locations' address should be same as the address mentioned in Income Tax Return (ITR). To rectify this error, the mandatory fields in the address are to be updated as per the address mentioned in Income Tax Return (ITR).

 How to make a "Bank Account Number" as "Primary" for receiving payments?

The seller can provide multiple Bank Account Numbers but only one can be marked as "Primary" by clicking on the corresponding checkbox labeled "Is Primary Account". This Bank Account will be used for receiving payments once verified by PFMS.

 What should I do, when Tax Validation is failing?

Tax validation failures are attributed to mismatch in data provided to GeM and that present in your ITR.
Cases further differ basis constitution type and ITR type.
1. For ITR6, ITR5, ITR4s and ITR3 "Profit and Gain" and "Sale / Gross Receipts of business" sections need to match with ITR.
2. For ITR4 "Profit and Gain" and "Business and Profession" needs to match with ITR.

 How can I get Vendor Assessment done?

As an OEM on GeM, you can initiate Vendor Assessment from your account profile by furnishing required information with respect to Vendor Assessment. This information would be collected through an online form and upon successful submission;
1.Vendor Assessment agency would be assigned for the process.
2. Any requirement for additional documents will be intimated directly by this agency.The required additional documents will be made available on the link provided in the e-mail sent to the vendors. Any updation or change in the status of the information validated at the time of registration or third party assessment shall be enabled for updation by the vendor from time to time with online validation wherever possible.

  When is an incident created?

Incidents can be created for pre-order and post-order placement whenever a deviation is observed from the general and special terms and conditions with respect to market, contract and bids.

 Who can create an incident?

The incident can be created by Buyers, Sellers and GeM Admin. In addition, incidents can be created by the system based on rule engines defined in the incident management policy.

 When will a Mild incident get upgraded to a serious incident?

The mild deviation would graduate to a serious deviation in case of non-rectification of the incident after escalation.

 How to raise an Incident?

For Buyer: Pre-Contract incident can be raised by clicking on "Report this Product" option available on the product detail page in the marketplace. Post Contract Incidents can be raised by clicking on the "Incident" tab available on the Buyer dashboard by clicking the "New" button.
For Seller: Pre-Contract incident can be raised by clicking on "Report this Product" option, available on the product detail page in the marketplace. Post Contract Incidents can be raised by clicking on the "Need Help" option and then "Report an Incident".

 Can a buyer/seller escalate the issue to GeM Admin on the first day of the incident creation?

No, the buyer/seller cannot escalate the issue to GeM Admin on the first day of the incident creation. Effective 26th December 2018, incidents can be escalated as per the below SLA:
For Mild–The escalation of incident to GeM admin would be allowed from day 21.
For Serious –The escalation of incident to GeM admin would be allowed from day 16.
For Severe –The escalation of incident to GeM admin would be allowed from day 11.

 What is meant by acknowledging to Show Cause Notice (SCN)?

Acknowledging to Show Cause Notice means that you have read and understood the contents of the Show Cause Notice.

 What is the time available for the buyer/seller to send response to the SCN?

The buyers/sellers to whom the SCN is sent will be notified and asked to provide the response as follows:
For Mild: No SCN is sent to buyer/seller. However, if no response is provided within 5 days of incident escalation, the severity level of the incident will be upgraded to ‘Serious’.
For Serious: Provide the response within 7 days.
For Severe: Provide the response within 10 days.

 What happens if the severity of a mild incident is upgraded to serious?

On upgradation of the incident severity from mild to serious, the incident would be resolved as per the policy defined for Serious Incidents.

 When will an action be taken by GeM Admin ?

Action would be taken by GeM admin in case of an unsatisfactory explanation or non-response to the SCN by the buyer/seller/service provider.

 What type of action will be taken against a Severe Incident?

Buyer – Buyer – Primary user and competent authority to be notified for necessary action.
Seller / SP:
• For first & second deviation within a period of 180 calendar days: disabled by the GeM admin for a period of 90 days(and up to 12 months with approval from GeM authority).
• For third and subsequent deviation within a period of 180 days: In addition to the above, GeM may recommend the case to Ministry of Commerce, GoI for appropriate action.

 Is there a provision on GeM for Buyers to know Seller’s Incident history?

Yes, there is a Red Exclamation Mark against the products on search page and the product description page, which displays seller’s incident history on GeM.

 How are the days calculated for the incidents?

All the days are to be calculated as Calendar days.

 Will any notification go out to buyers and sellers on closing of the incident?

Yes, a notification email will be sent to both the buyer and the seller on closing of the incident.

 Can a buyer/seller close the incident after the show cause notice has been issued by GeM admin?

No, only GeM admin can choose to close the incident after the show cause notice has been issued by them.

  How many minimum service providers are required for comparison?

A minimum of 3 service providers are required for comparision.

 How many services can be bunched together at a time?

There is no specific limit to the number of services a buyer can bunch at a time. It depends on the requirement of the buyer. The Services which are of similar nature can be bunched together.

 Does the buyer need to include GST while providing Minimum Wage?

No, the Minimum Wages provided by the buyer are exclusive of GST. The same is applied by the GeM platform while displaying the Offered Price on the market.

 For which Services is Quality & Cost Based Selection(QCBS) available?

QCBS has been provided as an option to Buyers in all the Professional Services on GeM. Buyers can avail this option where they want to evaluate Service Providers based on weight-ages of technical and cost based parameters.

 What are Professional Services?

Professional Services are typically Services offered by entities (not individuals) having specialised domain knowledge and proven track record for advising (Consultancy), implementing (Operations), managing (Analytics etc) and supporting (Training, Certifying etc). Buyers in government across multifarious sectors ranging from IT, Finance, Marketing & Communication, Legal etc. may require these services.

 How can I calculate minimum wages while creating a service order?

Minimum Wage component should comprise of all the statutory components such as EPF, ESI, ELDI etc of Minimum Wages fixed or notified by the state/ central government.

 How a new category can be added in any service?

If the particular category is not available on GeM , service provider may either wait for it to be added or service provider can ask the Buyer who uses the service to make a request to GeM for addition of the particular category of the service. Service Provider can also write to GeM with a request for adding the category.

 What is Quality & Cost Based Selection (QCBS) in bid?

Quality & Cost Based Selection (QCBS) in Services is a method of selection which utilises a competitive process among Service Providers and takes into account the quality as well as cost of the Service offerings for the selection of a successful Service Provider. Service Providers are assessed based on weightage based evaluation of technical and cost based parameters as per the buyer requirements.

 How many services can a service provider offer?

A service provider can offer multiple services provided that particular service category is available on GeM.

 I am not able to quote the price for Add on beyond the particular value.

Service Provider can quote Add On price within or equal to that range set by GeM for the given service.

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