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How To Structure A Pitch Deck For Investors

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The Pitch Deck is the PowerPoint Presentation that the start-ups design for their potential investors. It becomes crucial to plan out the structure of the slides before emanating the plan in front of the investors. Experts suggest having a maximum of 10 slides that will showcase the idea and the execution of a plan.

Without a proper plan, every effort goes in vain. Adhering by this rule, you should consider making your pitch in a way that would illustrate your ideas most lucidly. The framework of the pitch deck for investors should consist of the following list of factors to captivate their mind.

The framework of Pitch Deck

The structure of the best pitch deck for investors should be formulated in the following manner.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction or an executive summary gives a synopsis of the plan and the motto of the business. It is important to give them a brief idea about the business while making them well acquainted with the niche of the business. A powerful introduction in the sample pitch deck for investors has been found to captivate their mind.

  • Problem
  • Fetching the reason for investment is paramount. If the investors aren’t aware of the issue then they won’t believe the severity of the problem. Making them well acquainted with the problem will become the ground reason to make them invest in the project. The best way to convey the issue would be to use examples. Examples make it easier to understand the root cause of the problem and the same being faced by the end-users.

  • Solution
  • Every problem has a solution. However, the solution should have a successful implication at the end. The problem projected should have a constructive solution. The process of applying the solution has to be illustrated simply. If the solution involves model examination or demonstration then it should be done to gain the confidence of the investors. Once the investors find the solution to have a successful outcome then, they will not hesitate to get on board with the investment plan.

  • Market size of the end-users
  • The investors are required to acknowledge the impact of the solution. It is important to make them believe that the end-users will be benefitted on acquiring the solution proposed by the company. If there are no end-users then the investors will hardly take the initiative to go with the investment plan. The impact of the proposed solution can be illustrated with the help of the charts and graphs. Solution reaching out to the end-users is important. This requires to be conveyed in this slide.

  • Business Model
  • For a plan to work successfully, the execution of the same should be done with a full proof plan. The step by step process of execution of the plan should be explained to the potential investors. Make sure to put up descriptive information and do not just brag about the procedure. The investors show interest in the point process of operation of the plan and not flamboyant words with no constructive framework.

  • Competitors
  • No business could prosper unless a competitor is present in the market. Having competitors not just drives up the challenges but also gives a boost to put across a product that will help to gain a certain share of market size. Taking the competitors into consideration is crucial as this will imply that you have been taking the matter seriously. Illustrate how your solution can become a tough competing product in the market? Making them realize that the product or the solution proposed by the company has the potential to steer a storm in the market will help to get them on board with the plan.

  • Statistical figure
  • Using data and showing the overall impact with the help of the analytics will make the investors understand the overall picture of the plan. A comprehensive analytical study will help to deliver the statistical figures of the project proposed in front of them. Even if the investors will look for the share of return on their invested amount yet, it is important to deliver the figure of the impact of the product in the market.

  • Market plan
  • It is important to illustrate to investors the idea on approaching the end-users. Reaching out to the end-users also requires a constructive plan. Be it sticky, viral or paid method, it has to be explained thoroughly to the investors. The cost of undertaking these procedures to reach out to the end-users has to be mentioned in the slide.

  • Team buildup
  • If the team lacks confidence and potential to deliver the product with conviction then, the investors will be least interested to go ahead with the investment plan. Portray the strength of your teammates along with their efficiency and productivity. If the team would work on their respective field of expertise, then, the product will have all the required features to be successful in the market.

  • Amount
  • To make any plan work and get a successful grip in the market, then a significant amount of money has to be invested. The money directed at each stage of production of the product has to be briefed out to the investors to help them reckon the amount that will be required for the plan.

    To make investors believe in your plan is crucial. The investors will go ahead with the investment plan only if they see potential in your plan or else the plan will be declined by them. After explaining them the plan and procedure, be prepared to take their doubts and questions regarding the plan. Make sure not to fumble while explaining your plan cause this will make them believe that the foundation of the plan is weak. It is important to gain their confidence and make them believe that their every penny is worth investing in your project.

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