Benefits of a Private limited company registration Online

Benefits of a Private limited company registration Online

A private limited company is a type of business structure that is owned privately by a limited number of shareholders. This structure has several benefits that make it a popular choice for entrepreneurs and investors.  In this article we will discuss benefits of a private limited company registration in India.

To register a Private limited company online, you need to submit all the relevant documents on the MCA portal and follow the subsequent steps in getting your company registered online.

Private Limited Company Registration Benefits

But this Online company registration requires various documents to be created, which can be technical for some users and will require some help from the professionals who can do all the work related to the company registration hassle free after charging a very nominal fee in return.
If you are looking forward to hiring a professional to get your company registered online, you can contact us and Our team of professionals will help you get your company registered within 7-10 working days.

Benefits of Private Limited company Registration Online

Now let’s discuss all the benefits of a private limited company online registration in India.

1.Limited liability

One of the biggest benefits of a private limited company is limited liability. This means that the shareholders’ personal assets are separate from the company’s assets. In case of any financial difficulty or bankruptcy, the shareholders are not personally responsible for the company’s debts beyond their initial investment.

2.More credibility 

A private limited company is considered more credible than other types of businesses such as sole proprietorships or partnerships. This is because the company has to comply with certain legal requirements and file regular financial statements with the government. This increased credibility can help attract investors and customers.

3.Tax benefits

Private limited companies enjoy the advantage of several tax benefits such as lower tax rates, exemptions, and deductions. This can lead to significant savings and can help the company invest more in growth and expansion.

4.Perpetual existence

One of the advantages of a Private limited company is that it has perpetual existence which means the entry and exit of the shareholders will not affect the working of the company. If any member or a shareholder dies or leaves the company, it will not affect its working. It is a saying that the members will come and go but the company may go on forever.

5.Easy transferability of ownership

Private limited companies have an easy transferability of ownership. The shares of the company can be sold or transferred to another person without affecting the company’s operations or structure. This makes it easier for shareholders to exit the company if they wish to.

6.Limited compliance requirements

Private limited companies have fewer compliance requirements than other types of businesses. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to set up and run their businesses without having to worry about complex legal and regulatory requirements.

Get your Private Limited Company Registered with Professional Utilities

We have an inhouse team of professionals who can easily manage all the procedures and checks to register your private limited company online. We will take care of all the required documents and time taken to register an online company for you. 
You can fill out the contact us form and our professional executive will contact you shortly and get your company registered in just 7-10 working days hassle-free at a very reasonable fee starting from just Rs 4,999. The amount of fees may vary from state to state based on the charges levied by the State corporate authority.


In conclusion, a private limited company provides several benefits such as limited liability, increased credibility, tax benefits, perpetual existence, easy transferability of ownership, limited compliance requirements, and many more. 

These benefits make it a popular choice for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to set up and grow their businesses. This is the most preferred choice for the startup founders and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting a company or a startup.

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